These Bleeding Hand Candles Could Really Spice Up Your Home

by Damjan

Morbid house accessories have been around for quite some time, probably since the dawn of humankind. Of course, the views on morbid changed over time. (when the first cavemen brought bear’s claws to their caves, they were heroes, and if you would do the same now - your wife would probably kick you out of the house)

Well, as views on morbid changed, so did the accessories, and some of them stand out. For instance, this bleeding hand is one of the creepiest accessories you can find on the internet.

They are incredibly lifelike, but, fortunately, unscented. As they burn, they look like they are bleeding.

If this is too much for you, you can order a less lifelike item – like a skeleton hand. We can’t say which one of them is creepier; it’s up for debate.

The irony is that they are all hand-made, and we are hoping that they're not sculpted after the designer's own hands. The candles don't bleed right away, they start after you light them, and intensify as they burn. The longer they burn – the creepier they get.

This might be one of the more inventive, though frightening, ways that candle wax has been used in a long time. The result is that you can definitely make an interesting atmosphere when you have people in your home.

Halloween is slowly approaching, and this is an excellent time to stock up on scary items before the rush. If you like to scare guests when they come looking for candy, these candles could be ideal decorations. Just choose a nice place for them, and you will make definitely spook them.

The candles are developed by Creepy Candles, and are available from $48.99 on both Etsy and Amazon, shipping costs not included.