16 Disney Princesses Go to Hogwarts and Get Their Patronus

by Elana

Deviant Art has been a phenomenal resource for artists all over the world to get their art out there, whether they're just beginning or just want to connect better with fans. One artist in particular, Willemijn1991, has taken two worlds with huge fan bases and crashed them together in the most phenomenal and whimsical way.

Whether you love Harry Potter or Disney Princesses, and especially if you love both, you're going to definitely get a kick out of this incredible concept art. Some of our favorite Disney Princesses are paired with their Patronus in this Harry Potter themed work you won't be able to get enough of.

I think we can all appreciate the fact that we get to see such awesome artwork but perhaps our favorite thing here is how the artist explains why he chose the houses and Patronuses he chose.

Kida has a sea turtle. The artist tells us why, "I chose Ravenclaw for Kida because she is so curious and inquisitive and uses old knowledge to save her people. I picked a sea turtle because it is a land creature that adapted to live in the water and it also fits her free and gentle spirit."

The sweetest Princess has a bunny as her Patronus and the artist explains it all, "The beautiful Snow White for Hufflepuff because she is so kind and sweet and a little bunny as her Patronus for the same reasons."

Here we see Anna with a sparrow and Elsa with an arctic fox and we are IN LOVE. The artist said, "I choose Gryffindor for Anna because she is brave (duh) and Ravenclaw for Elsa because she is all about logic and learning to control her powers. Anna's Patronus is a sparrow, because she wants to be free and is very chipper. And Elsa's is an arctic fox because they are shy and live in the snow."

Princess Jasmine has a tiger. The artist said, "Of course Jasmine is a Slytherin, she is such a manipulative little firecracker but I still love her. Of course her Patronus is a tiger, not only because of Raja, but also because she is a real warrior in her own ways."

Jane has a monkey. The artist says, "[I chose] the lovely Jane Porter for Ravenclaw, because she met Tarzan on a scientific excursion and learns all about his world. And a little monkey as her Patronus, 'cause she is a little monkey."

The perfection that is Merida and her patronus, the bear. The artist explains, "Gryffindor is an obvious choice, the movie is, of course, called "Brave", and the Patronus too. What else could I choose but a bear?"

Rapunzel and a clown fish. The artist says, "I picked Gryffindor because even though she was afraid of everything she still went after her dream, and I picked a clown fish for her Patronus. [It's] not just because she is a bit of a clown but also because a clown fish lives in a hostile environment, just like Rapunzel with her mom, and she learned how to survive in that tower."

Pocahontas has an eagle. The artist explains why, "Gryffindor is an obvious choice for Pocahontas because she risks it all for love and peace. For her Patronus I picked an eagle because she is so strong and free."

Belle has a husky. The artist says, "I picked Ravenclaw for her because she is very curious and loves to read. For her Patronus I picked a husky because it lies between a dog and a wolf. So between man and beast if you catch my drift."

Esmerelda has a gazelle as a patronus and the artist says, "I picked Slytherin because she uses what she has just like Megara. I picked a gazelle for her Patronus because she is so elegant and determined, like a doe, but also exotic and a real beauty."

Princess Ariel is paired with a dolphin. The artist explains, "I picked Hufflepuff for her because she is such a sweetie, really nothing but kindness. You could say she belongs to Gryffindor, but I think she could have been braver. She didn't have to wait for Eric to kiss her and she could have stood up to her father. For her Patronus I picked a dolphin, known for its sweetness and because it is a mammal living in the sea."

Aurora and her owl patronus. The artist said, "I know many of you will disagree, but I picked Slytherin because she really does not listen to the rules very well. She follows her own plan with mixed results. I picked an owl because she has such a grace about her, just like an owl."

Giselle has a squirrel for a patronus and the artist explains, "I decided on Hufflepuff for her because she does not have an evil bone in her body. For her Patronus I chose a squirrel because of her chipper personality and pretty strawberry red hair."

Mulan is paired with a red panda for a patronus. The artist said, "Gryffindor was an obvious choice but for her Patronus I picked a red panda, cute on the outside but still a bear with teeth and claws."

Megara's patronus is a butterfly. The artist explains, "I decided on Slytherin because, well ... she knows how to use what she's got. I picked a butterfly for her Patronus because she is so frail under that hard shell she puts up."

Of course Tiana has a frog for a patronus and the artist goes on to explain, "I chose Ravenclaw because I just got the feeling she would fit there best. I know some of you would disagree, but I feel that that is the place she would make the most friends. Her Patronus is a frog, of course."