Reddit Explains What Things People Should Never, Ever Google Unless They Want To Be Scarred

by Shasta

Getting lost on the internet is much like being an innocent child that couldn't find their way home after dark.

The most miniscule noises scare you, and you end up running frantically trying to find the light.

Yep. It's exactly like that.

Especially when you throw things like the dark web into the mix, yeah don't even attempt to go there.

You'll fall down a rabbit hole so deep you'll likely never surface again.

Just kidding.

Buuuut I'm also sort of not.

The reality is we live in the age of information and not only that but that same information can be obtained at our fingertips, so time literally just passes us by as we dive into the wormhole.


13. There's means to an end here!

“Tukhchar massacre / Dagestan Beheading Massacre films

Russian soldiers surrendered to extremist forces hoping to become POWs. Unfortunately, they were deceived and Chechen commander Umar Edilsultanov ordered his soldiers to cut the prisoners’ throats as revenge for his fallen comrades. You’ll get to listen to the cries of young men and their futile efforts to stay alive in these tapes.”

12. Definitely consider how you word things..

“So I support schools doing web security for their kids. One call we got was they had been doing an engineering class and they actually asked their kids to image search “things longer than 6 inches”. Yeah, don’t Google that unless you have safe search enabled.

I always get a kick out of looking at their keyword block list, some of the shit middle school kids search for is hilarious.”

11. WHY!

“There used to be this subreddit called EnoughInternet, which was god awful.

There were videos of people dying by chainsaws, toothpicks down d***holes, people cutting off arms.

It really changed me.”

10. Yeah or just don't commit crimes. Let's do that.

“Anything related to a crime you’re about to commit.”

9. Or google anything when you're sick. Ever.

“Rate of survival when you get cancer. Found out firsthand.”

8. Lawwwd no!

“”Cyclopia human” – I made the mistake after watching Futurama. (One of the characters (Leela) only has one eye).

But human cyclopia is a lethal birth defect and not the cool sci-fi stuff I expected. Seriously: Do not google it.”

7. I CAN'T!

One year my mom bought some female relatives some nice winter coats, red with black fur trim. She wanted to get matching hand warmers, called muffs.

So she googled ‘black muffs’.

It did not go well.


“Google image necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria).”

5. You absolutely will not.


You think your going to see the cute little blue fox creature from Final Fantasy.

You won’t.”

4. Yeah just, remain off google when you're sick. Kay thanks!

“Any symptoms you have.

Trying to figure out what’s wrong with you through Google is the quickest way to freak yourself out.”

3. Intriguing.

“Body farm (its really not that bad at all , plus its for scientific purposes).”

2. This honestly freaked me out when I saw the previews...

“The movie ‘Cats'”.

1. Do not google anyone having sex peroid! NOOO!

“Martha Stewart having sex with Gary Busey.”

Is there anything you'd add to this list? Let us know in the comments!