YouTuber ImJayStation Pretended His Girlfriend’s Died In A Car Crash To Get Views, And Now People Are Furious

by Damjan

There is a good and bad side to everything, and YouTube is no different. It is impressive how many informative and educational videos you can find. So many people are doing such a good job, and they deserve both likes and shares.

Unfortunately, YouTube is also a breeding ground for narcissistic, untalented people who only want attention, but really have nothing to offer.

Speaking of which, a YouTuber named Jason Ethier, aka ImJayStation, shared a video in which he is lying that his girlfriend died in a car crash. This is the same guy who tried to summon Mac Miller's ghost, and tried to Ouija chat with deceased rapper XXXTentacion.

He is known to be unscrupulous in his efforts to attract more subscribers.

Ethier shared that his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, died in so he could get clicks to promote a shared channel.

This video was shared with his 5.4 million subscribers.

“I thought of the idea of faking Alexia’s death and then doing a thing on YouTube thanking everyone and explaining to everyone it was just to gain traction,” ImJayStation told in his video. He also commented on his own video: “I fell in love with this girl, I tried helping her become famous on YouTube, she left me without notice, and tried to ruin my life.”

The YouTuber shared another video declaring that he lied because he wanted to get more views to his page. He added that Marano is attempting to “ruin his life” and tried to get him under arrest. Of course, there is no evidence for that.

Thankfully, the original video was demonetized. Ethier said his girlfriend was cool with the stunt, but can you believe him? In an emotive video she later made, people believe she was dishonest too. 

And here you can see how people reacted:

Some people wish him nothing but the worst.

And they remember his previous stunts.

This guy actually made a “gay potion.”

Many were concerned that Ethier would make a Kobe Bryant stunt — and all of them agreed this would be off-limits.

He answered:

Many people want him to be banned.

Considering how uptight YouTube can be about pretty much anything, it’s strange they haven’t banned ImJayStation or other controversial YouTubers like Logan Paul.

It is weird, though, that he is still not banned, like other controversial YouTubers.

What do you think, should he be banned? Share your thoughts in the comments section.