Hospice Nurse Posted An Emotional Story Of A Dying Man Who Saw His Passed Away Dogs And People Who Were Appearing In His Room To Assure Him That There Is Nothing To Be Afraid

by Damjan

Doctors and nurses have challenging and responsible jobs – saving lives and nursing back to health. Sometimes, though, even with their best effort, nothing can be done, and a hospice resident will not gain his health back.

Hospice workers are well aware of that fact, and not many people are capable of doing such work, where there is no hope of things improving. It is in human nature to expect our job to make or fix something, complete some task.

In medical workers' cases- save a life, cure an illness, etc. How do you do a job where you know that whatever you do- the end result will be – death? How do you find the courage to do that?

Gabrielle Elise Jimenez, a hospice worker and the woman behind the blog "The Hospice Heart," recently shared her conversations with one of her patients. This heartwarming story became viral and the reporters wanted to know more about the author.

She shared some details about herself. "I am a hospice nurse, currently going back to school to become an End of Life Doula, to be able to provide even more care to people at the end of their life and those who will be left behind," Gabrielle told us about herself. "I love what I do… it isn't easy; some days are deeply difficult," she explained.

“I started The Hospice Heart FB page because I wanted to create a safe space for people to be able to to talk about death,” the nurse clarified why she made the page. “I am a hospice nurse, and I find that I don’t have a lot of people who are willing to talk about it as much as I am, some are very uncomfortable, some are afraid, some are grieving a loss and don’t know what to do or how to navigate it… so much to work through with death,” she says, “I wanted to have a page that would offer comfort, support, education, maybe some insight.”

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Hospice nurse shared her conversations with one of her patients.

Hospice nurse shared her conversations with one of her patients.

“It has blown me away the reaction this particular posting has received,” Gabrielle said. She also described how she came across the picture she used: “I wish I knew who created the photo, I found it on FB a few days before I posted it and thought it resonated so closely to what my patient had shared with me.”

“This page went from 1000 followers to 17,000 in just a few days. Most in part to this story, I shared,” she thinks the post is the reason her community began growing. “The thing I love most about the FB page is watching as complete strangers commutate with one another, sharing stories, comforting others when they hear their stories.”

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“My blog this coming weekend is actually about this, because I became acutely aware of the grief people experience from losing a pet,” Jiminez announced. “The pain and ache is real, and very deep for those experiencing it.” The hospice nurse also discussed achieving her goal: “My goal was to get the conversation started, to build a village, a beautiful, kind community… and it is happening and I absolutely love it”.

Here’s how folks reacted to this moving story.

Here’s how folks reacted to this moving story.