20 People Share Situations That Made Them Instantly Despise Someone They Liked

by Damjan

For most people, a period around New Year is a time for resolutions and retrospective. One can’t go without the other. We remember what we did and said, what others did and said to us.

Unfortunately, there are many occasions where people we liked, loved, or trusted, totally blew it with words or actions. Of course, the less you think of a person, the less it can hurt you. But when it is someone who you consider close… it can and will be a terrible experience. 

People on Reddit shared their experiences, and it is amazing to see how fast you can go from caring about someone to despising them. Sadly, it is all well deserved.

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1. He was a better friend to his girlfriend.

“A former friend bailed on me when we were supposed to hang out and so I called my then girlfriend to see what she was doing and I could hear him talking to her parents in the background…” - igetb0red

2. Double life.

“As fast as it took for his wife to call me at work to tell me that he was not only married, but had three children including a newborn.” — GenJonesMom

3. "That really hurt.”

“I loved (still love) playing Pokémon and I had no female friends with the same interest. Found out about this group of guys that played it after school. Got really excited and made plans with them. I waited for hours and they never showed up… next day I overhear my best childhood friend laughing about how annoying I was and that they had to hide from me to play in peace. That really hurt.” — tatychann

4. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to talk

“Was dating a girl for a few months and things were going great until somehow Jews came up in conversation. She went full ‘Jews control the world’ and wouldn’t accept that non-jews take any responsibility for anything that ever went wrong in the [Middle East]. I just saw her in a whole new light.” — Achterhaven

5."15 years later hes in prison for armed robbery"

“When I was younger I found out one of my childhood friends was stealing from me and the friendship group. Every so often we would ‘lose’ a phone or Ipod then said friend would have conveniently got the same model but beat it up a bit with his initials in tipex or something stupid. Being a good friend we didn’t want to believe it but we started putting distinct markings on our items. Low and behold my phone goes missing and he turns up with the same one a few weeks later with the markings. We brought him up on it but he just lost his temper and stormed off. 15 years later hes in prison for armed robbery….” — Snow776

6. Shame on her for dying.

“The first girl I ever dated died unexpectedly on my then current gf and my’s 3 year anniversary. My then gf stated she was pissed because my ex had “Died on purpose that day because it was our anniversary”. I was utterly disgusted and it completely changed how I viewed her all together. Things fell apart shortly after and we broke up.” — JudgementalChair

7. "I kinda liked you"

“I kinda like you.”

“Your autism is probably caused by vaccines”

“Okay, I kinda liked you ten seconds ago.” — IlPinguino93

8. Did he mean it?

“When my grandfather screamed at my mother that she had ruined his life by being born. Never spoke to him again after that.” — Coogles

9. Creepy

“There’s an older woman at work who seemed pretty ok. Then I overheard her talking about her toddler granddaughter, saying that she’s ‘a little hooker’ and ‘shakes her booty at any man’ and that specializing of a kid creeped me right out.” — phalseprofits

10. Stupid joke.

"2 minutes, he pranked me by making me think he was gonna kill himself, then he got a friend to text me that he did and that I was my fault for not responding sooner. When I was having a full on panic attack and almost killing myself out of guilt he told me it was a prank and the two friends asked me if I wanted dtk have a threesome.” — yeetyeetgirl

11. No soul.

“Coworker had a dog who she let run free on her property. Said dog liked to chase cars. So it was only a matter of time, and the dog was hit. Dog couldn’t walk for two days, was dragging herself around for days after that. We told her to bring her to the vet, and she refused, because it was too expensive. We pulled together the money and told her, bring your damn dog to the vet. And she did. The dog’s bones in her legs and pelvis were shattered and the dog had no chance of recovering. Coworker finally let the poor thing die peacefully. So anyhow, it was $50 to put this dog to sleep. And since then, every time my coworker spends money on something frivilous and shows us (novelty socks, collectibles, an expensive cake, another fucking pet) I think about how she decided bringing comfort to a dying animal wasn’t worth paying for.” — fuckmeup5gum


“When he found out my ex was black and was disgusted by that. Went from a nice guy who I could maybe see a future with to complete racist pos who I never wanted to see again.” — eyeball-beesting

13. Tough luck.

“Friend at a bar tells some people we just met how her mother died, later in the night i express my sympathy — now she’s without parents. she’d told me hush-hush a few years prior about how father had passed. ‘wait did i tell you back then my dad died? i thought i told you it was my mum! no, both my parents are still alive; when we were in uni i just read in a book telling people a parent has died is an good way to get sympathy, ha ha!'” — redditsavedmyagain

14. Some friend.

“My best friend back in school got a F from the teacher. Me and him asked if we can go to the toilet. I go to the toilet to text a bit with friends from other school, he goes to the parking lot and scratches the teachers car. School break and the teacher finds his car, we both get called to the director etc etc. Friend said that we both scratched the car. Í showed the teacher my phone to show him I was texting and couldnt have scratches his car, told friend to fuck off and went out.” — RicyHub

15. Best argument.

“When he became angry with me about something trivial (agreed to disagree instead of conceding to him) and then he proceeded to tell me he should beat the shit out of me because of it. Yeah, no. Done.” — Swinella

16. Yeah, it happens. Accidentally.

“I was seeing a guy long distance who seemed like a really sweet, inexperienced guy. We got pretty close over the phone. One day he called me from jail and told me he had been caught with child porn on his computer. He wanted support because he “accidentally” downloaded and shared it. Fuck no dude.” — illTwinkleYourStar

17. Minnesota, watch your back.

“My childhood friend he lived pretty close to me and seemed like a nice dude until he stole my GoldenEye and moved to Minnesota. Fuck you Derrick!” — cdxxlxixdclxvi

18. He is a passionate man

“When he started being condescending to me in almost every conversation we have, in about almost every topic we talked about, then him complaining to me that some people can’t handle him having such strong opinions on topics he’s ‘passionate about.'” — Gabba737

19. Very selfish.

“My mother fought cancer for 5 years. My father let my sister and I do 95% of the work/caregiving and after her death expected us to step into her place and take care of him. The man I used to love and respect is gone and I can’t stand to be around him anymore.” — LGBecca

20. Must be some family name.

“My husband adopted my son when he was 3 after being in his life since he was 1. Gave him his last name the whole nine yards. When we had a child of our own (who was a girl) and decided we were done having kids; His mother said to me it’s a-shame we aren’t having more kids, As she would have liked someone to carry on the family name. I have only tolerated her at holidays ever since.” — tla07412