These People's Pets Stole Their Partners And It Is So Cute

by Rachel

Forget the challenges that come with introducing kids to a new partner, the real struggle lies in introducing your pet to a new partner. Children, can, at least, sort of understand why there is a new person hanging around, pets are not always so keen on sharing the love.

For example, when they first met, my cat was jealous of my boyfriend and would growl whenever he came near her. Now, the two of them are inseparable.

Once a pet starts to realise that they will get double the love, they usually start to settle down and cheer up. Take a look at these pets and partners who have fallen in love.

"My Cat Absolutely Adores My Boyfriend"

The couple that games together....

The couple that games together....

Silly selfie time!

Silly selfie time!

This dog knows exactly what he's doing!

This dog knows exactly what he's doing!

"This Is How My Cat Waits For My Boyfriend To Come Home"

"I Went Away For 3 Weeks, And Now My Cat Is In Love With My Husband"

"My GF And I Usually Hold Hands When We're Watching TV. Tonight Felt A Little Furrier Than Normal. Looked Down To Find This"


"My Girlfriends Cat Has Decided He Is Obsessed With Me And Now We Wake Up Like This Every Morning"

"Woke Up To Find My Boyfriend And Our Dog Sound Asleep Like This"

"You All Deserve Someone In Your Lives Who Looks At You The Same Way My Cat Looks At My Boyfriend"

If this cat could evil laugh, it would.

If this cat could evil laugh, it would.

"Caught My GF Taking Selfies With My Dog. The Shade He Throws Me At The End Hurt Me"

He wants to play too!

He wants to play too!

"My Beautiful GF Has Never Looked At Me This Way"

"Here's My Shoulder Kitten Watching The Mandalorian With My BF"

"Maybe I'm Being Paranoid But I Think She's Flirting With My Boyfriend"

"Daisy Adores My Boyfriend. I’m Pretty Sure He’s Her Boyfriend Now"

"My Girlfriend's Dog And I The First Night We Met"

Love at first sight

"This Girl Has Been Trying To Steal My Husband Since Day One"

"I Turn My Back For 2 Seconds And He's Trying To Steal My Girl And My Food"

"When He Steals Yo Man Successfully"

"Every Time Husband Comes Home And Sits Down, The Girls Are Like This Within Minutes"

"My Girlfriend Decorated Our Tree With My Dog Last Week"

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"My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His"

"My Dog Stole My Girlfriend And He Knows It"

"Good Girl Always Stealing My Spot"

"This Is His "I Stole Your Girl" Face"

"My Girlfriend’s Dog And I Had A Moment"

"My Chonk Is Trying To Steal My Man"

"Never Thought I'd Have To Share My Boyfriend With My Cat, But She's Been In Love Since Day One"

"My Puppy Stole My Girlfriend"

"My Cat Trying To Seduce My Boyfriend"

"She Steals My Girl And Then Gloats About It"

"My Boyfriend And His Dog Give Each Other A Hug Every Morning And I Happened To Be Behind Him On The Stairs This Time"

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"My Girlfriend Went To Get A Drink, And Her Cat Wanted To Skype Me Too"

"GF And I Were Holding Hands. Then This Happened"

"I Just Tried To Hold My Husband's Hand And My Cat Was Not Pleased About It"


Pets when they meet your partner be like:

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