This Twitter Thread Exposes Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things Men Have Thought About Bodies

by Rachel

There are many shortcomings in the education system; and sex education is one of the worst. Some schools preach an "abstinence only" approach, whereas others give a small summary of some of the key details. So, when a Twitter user asked people to share the stupidest things that have been said to them regarding their bodies; we can only laugh, and educate them.

It is important to note, of course, that certain genitalia are not exclusive to particular sexes. For example; not all women have vaginas and it is wrong to assume so. A lot of the language we use surrounding reproductive systems is cis-centric and doesn't account for trans, non-binary or intersex people. This is another area where education is lacking. For now, though, have a scroll through some of the dumbest things people have said about other bodies.

This is the tweet that started the hilarious thread

Ah, hydration, the little known antidote to period pain

It would be more useful that way


This just in; apparently vagina's are like memory-foam mattresses

Basic hygiene and basic household cleaning are not quite the same thing...

That would be... impressive

I can *almost* picture an egg falling out of a human and smashing on the pavement

According to the comments this is a common thought?

This is honestly horrific though, that poor child

I can only wonder what he thought it was

Just like packing up an extension cord!

This is wholesome

Ah, yes, the click is my favourite sex organ

Brb just popping down to the pharmacy for some blob medicine

But seriously; I would like some very much @science do ya thing!

I hope that man got a punch in the face

I feel like doctors are supposed to know about reproductive systems?

That would be genuinely impressive

Maybe. Just maybe.

It would be a lot more productive that way

Can only assume this idea is why so many men cannot make anyone else orgasm

"Yeah sure, let me just move some things around in my calendar"

The perfect use for this gif.

"Emotional reasons"

"Yeah like the fact that you're terrible at sex and it is making me sad."

If this were the case there would be a lot more vegetarians

I guess overestimating is better

But seriously, NASA?