What If Dory Had Met Woody? Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks Face Off As Their Respective Characters

by Ezra Zydan

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Woody met Dory? There would massive hilarity and confusion following, mostly on Woody's part you'd think. In a clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tom Hanks and Ellen Degeneres talk about Hanks' work on Toy Story 4, which is set to release in 2018 and features the likes of not only Tom Hanks, but Tim Allen, Kristen Schaal, Patricia Arquette and Laurie Metcalf. Along with talk of that, they get the audience members to close their eyes so that they could envision if Woody met Dory; the results (if you close your eyes and envision it yourself) are hilariously wonderful. Check out the clip of the Pixar off from The Ellen DeGeneres Show below!

Disney lovers, This is a must see! Richard Schaefer is a 20-year-old makeup artist who enjoys making himself look like Disney princesses. He looks better than me. Whyyy! 😂