15 Wholesome Posts To Make Your Day

by Damjan

Life can be so hard sometimes (all the time, actually), and all you want to do is cuddle up in a blanket and have a hot cup of tea or cocoa and see something nice and wholesome.

And, boy, do we have the rights stuff to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. People share wholesome stories on Reddit, and we have selected some of the best of them.

They are just what you needed. From friendly Uber drivers to kids who share their lunch with others, it will restore your faith in humankind. Take a look.

1. Smart kitty

Wholesome teacher from r/wholesomememes

2. A true connection

We actually can be nice to each other. From far away.

We're not all bad from r/wholesomememes

3. Garfield loves Jon

4. Alligator smiling

So cute.

Cute boi..... Look at his little smile from r/wholesomememes

5. Together is always better

God job

Let's resuce another one from r/wholesomememes

6. "Start lipstick, Miss!"

7. She changed her mind.

Kids are like that, you know.

8. You must be proud.

And you have every reason to be

9. "Don’t ever be mean to your Mom."

They don't deserve it

i sent this to my mom while we were in the store and she hugged me in front of everybody. i didn’t stop her though, i let her hug me in public. from r/wholesomememes

10. Good thinking

That’s the only way to go

Wholesome Dad from r/wholesomememes

11. Tell me about atoms, daddy

Some of us find them interesting

12. Matching colors

Awesome job

John Cena's grandma from r/wholesomememes

13. Dear and Moose

Happily ever after

Wholesome Marriage from r/wholesomememes

14. Wonderful

Power of will.

Best Mom ever from r/wholesomememes

15. You should be nice to everyone, and that means your servers too.

They are not robots, and they have feelings.

Be nice to the people who serve you. from r/wholesomememes