This Story Of A 17 Year Old Who Had An Abortion Shows The Likely Effects Of The New Alabama Law

by Rachel

In light of the recent passing of abortion ban laws in Alabama, people have been sharing their own experiences with abortion. The laws restrict abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. It's important to remember that reproductive rights are not just women's rights; non-binary people and trans men can also get pregnant. The language we use when discussing such issues is critical in ensuring that people's lives and experiences do not get overlooked.

Many people have shared their experiences with abortion as a way to show what a terrible impact these laws will have. This story, by Twitter user @meowmeowmeow07 has gone viral; with many people sending support and commending Brie for their bravery.

The story begins with a 17 year old who's boyfriend committed a henious act

His reason is horrifying

Brie went to a so called "women's clinic"

Brie then had to go in front of a judge...

Brie was granted an abortion

Brie tried to return to the life of a 17 year old

But the boyfriend persisted.

Eventually, he got arrested for stalking.

Brie could breathe a sigh of relief.

Brie has never publicly spoken about this: but was inspired to after the events of Alabama.

The fight for reproductive rights must be strong.

People responded by sharing their stories

People even shared their own transition from being pro-life to pro-choice.

It's not just young people, abortion is a right for people of all ages and situations!

"It's your body and your right and you should be able to control it"

Celebrity Busy Phillips started a hashtag for people to share their stories.

Women shouldn't have to suffer in order for their problems to be real.

Clearly not pro-life in all cases then.

Reproductive rights are human rights!