Disney Tattoos So Amazing You Are Going To Want 10 Of Them

by Elzaan Van der merwe

It's crazy amazing how Disney went from paper like cartoon characters to these amazing animation characters that we see today. They have definitely come a far way and we are sure that they are not done yet.

They make us believe in ourselves through their great stories and the remake of the old fairy tales we all know so well. To pay tribute to Disney people have made dolls, action figures, toys and everything else you could think of.

But for hardcore Disney fans, this wasn't enough so they started the Disney tattoo trend. They cover big parts of their bodies with various Disney characters, and you would think why would anyone want Cinderella on their arm?

Well, take a look below and you will see why people are going crazy over these amazing Disney tattoos. 

Little stitch

Minny Mouse

A unique take on Mickey Mouse

🎈✨Thank you Krystal!! #disneytattoo #mickeymouse #wlba

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The princess sleeve

Friends forever

A little twist on beauty and the beast

"Bibbidi bobbidi boo"

Tinkerbell outline tattoo

Sininho 😍

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