These Hilarious Comics Show The Kinds Of Conversations Animals Would Have If They Could Talk

by Rachel

In all sincerity, how often have you wished your pet could talk? Because I find myself wishing on eyelashes, 11:11 and birthday cakes for the day my cat will talk back to me (and, realistically, probably say something rude). I often wonder what pets would think about the life we create for them.

Artist Jimmy Craig has tried to take some of the guesswork out of it, by creating a series of comics that feature conversations between animals. While not exclusively aimed at pets, his work gives insight into the animal world—as well as being hilarious and impeccably drawn.

The results are honestly hilarious!

In a conversation with Bored Panda, Jimmy Craig said:

“Sometimes it’s challenging to give the animals recognisable expressions without making them look too human. I still try to keep the comic somewhat grounded in reality.”

The art style is characterised by vibrant animals and minimal backgrounds.

This has been consistent since Craig began the comics in 2015.

He notes:

“I still keep the backgrounds simple (or non-existent), but I think there’s more consistency in the look and style of the animals.”

The subjects have changed a little over time, and are often influenced by his pets.

Thinking about his cats, he said:

“I recently got two cats, which explains why I’ve been writing a little more cat comics than usual. When they’re being total psychopaths, the silver lining is that I’ll get a comic idea out of it.”

We all know cats have a proclivity for destroying the tree!

On the importance on living each day like it's your last...

The precursor to wet-dog smell.

Shout out to everyone mosquitoes love to eat!

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Animals have their own morals too

Is this a doublethink?!

Practice makes perfect

Grasshoppers need dating advice too


The best part about these comics are how Craig captures "human humour", yet it's still within an animal's potential personality.

Craig agrees, saying:

“I like to think that animals have similar thoughts as us, so whether I’m thinking about what animals might be saying to each other or imposing my own thoughts on them, there’s some truth in both.” 

Me when I'm too lazy to go to the store:


Parenting is difficult, no matter the species.

On unconditional love:

The noise cats make when they hear another cat coming from your phone is heartbreaking

Just trying to help!

Devil on your shoulder.

It's done out of concern.

I, too, would like to know.

Winter bod = year round bod.

It's very trendy right now

We all have something to bring to the table.


On appreciating the arts:

Always watching......

On a roaring social life:

Trying to fit in can be hard

I wish I had incredible speed...

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