Pilots and Flight Attendants Share The 30 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do

by Ariana

Holidaying is great but flying sucks - like it really sucks. Packing is horrible, getting up early (which always seems to be the way) is exhausting, and then there's the airport and the lines and the security and just everything else before you even get on the plane.

Once you've boarded and taken off, you may think it's time to kick back and chill out, but that's apparently when passengers are on their very worst behavior. According to this AskReddit, there's actually hundreds of SUPER annoying things that air-travel passengers do and pilots and flight attendants are calling us ALL out!

Flight Attendants and/or Pilots of Reddit is where all of this calling out is going down. We've done the hard work and trawled this Reddit for the top 30 most annoying things passengers do - check them out!

No physical contact, please!

Showing up 2 hours after the flight left

Weather stuff...

LOTS of stuff!

Shouting and screaming

Sit and wait

Ignoring instructions

Spitting gum

Breaking toilet rules

Ignoring clear instructions

Not being cool

Standing too close to the carousel

Jay Leno

Joining the 'Mile High Club'

Complaining about baggage charges

Expecting free alcohol

This pilot is glad he has a door between him and the passengers!

Public sex

Taking your shoes off

Thinking you're at a restaurant

Being gassy

Stealing from the plane

Changing diapers on the seats

Stuffing overhead bins

Clapping at landing

Stacking trays

Begging for upgrades

Not listening to the crew

Expecting leeway

Asking dumb questions