Australia Is Famous For All Of Its Dangerous Animals That Are Completely Savage

by Rachel

As an Australian, I am incredibly familiar with hearing people say, “Oh, I'd love to travel to Australia, but I couldn’t deal with all the deadly wildlife! There must be snakes everywhere!” To which I always reply, “It isn’t that bad! I’ve never seen a snake and spiders mostly stay away—in the cities, anyway.”

But then I see photos like this and immediately want to move overseas. Australia is famous for all of its snakes, spiders, crocodiles and other assorted creatures that could cause serious damage just by looking at them. I feel as though you’d have to be incredible unlucky to come across many of these; but if Australia ever decides to stop tourism, showing these photos will be enough to do it.

Check out this giant termite mound!

Damn nature you scary

It may not properly snow here, but we do have giant chunks of ice falling from the sky

Australia. Where even the hail can kill you from r/WTF

This is the biggest worm I have EVER seen

A massive earthworm found in Queensland, Australia. from r/natureismetal

The Snake Catchers Adelaide page enjoys casually posting pictures of snakes in locations where snakes should not be....

Would you walk through these spider webs in rural Victoria for a million dollars?

Ah, winter in Australia... That's not snow...

Western Australia's largest python feeding on a CROCODILE

Meanwhile in Australia

A saltwater crocodile

A saltwater crocodile

Do people from other countries not always check their shoes?

Why you gotta always "check your shoes" in Australia from r/WTF

Just a big lizard coming for a visit

Lizards in Australia

You're much more likely to be covered in flies than spiders

The flies are much worse than the spiders in Australia. from r/WTF

This cute lil Blue Ringed Octopus that is super deadly

Blue-ringed octopus (highly venomous) on hand. from r/WTF

Toads hitching a ride on a snake...

I was beginning to wonder how it got there, but I think some things are better off remaining mysteries.

Hopefully you fill up the car before you notice the snake for a quick getaway


via: Imgur

Just hanging out in a swamp

Typical road-side ditch in Australia

A dead whale...

A dead whale...

Australia has a lot of dangerous spiders, but this ISN'T one of them

Believe it or not, this is one of the least dangerous spiders we have in Australia from r/WTF

This is...huge

Welcome to Australia where insects are the size of a small mammal

This bug looks like it should be in a fantasy novel

Honey, there is a kid on our bug...

This hot-pink slug that only lives on an extinct volanco

Read more about this fascinating creature here.

This hot-pink slug that only lives on an extinct volanco

Imagine thinking a bulb has blown and looking up to see this

In Australia everything is trying to kill you. Even your ceiling lamp. from r/WTF

Highest electricity prices in the world? No worries! They can't charge you if they can't read the meter.

This is how Australians ensure their electricity meter doesn't get read. from r/WTF

Posting a picture of some strange animal you found #JustAussieThings

Mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any idea what it is? from r/whatisthisthing

This muscular kangaroo

But if you read it first, would you still hike there?

Walked up on the BACK of this sign while hiking in Australia...

An ominous looking Megabat that looks like it's just dropped down to give you a riddle

Everyone seems really un-bothered by this

Everyone seems really un-bothered by this

This hulk-looking frog eating a snake

You know you're in Australia when frogs eat snakes

This looks like a creepy hybrid creature...

Welcome to Australia from r/WTF

The Araucaria pine cone that has been known to kill people when it falls!

A Bunya Araucaria bidwillii cone.jpg
By Rodmunch99 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Hairy caterpillars??

March of the hairy caterpillars from r/WTF