Badly Reviewed Restaurants That Got Fed Up With Dishonest Bad Reviews And Decided To Confront The People Who Wrote Them

by Ayoub

Checking out reviews is something we all do, you always need some reassurance before buying something or trying it out and when people share their experiences with you, it makes the process so much easier. However, since a lot of people aren't that honest in general, they sometimes tend to overexaggerate things, which could really hurt a business.

Don't get me wrong, reviews are very necessary and people should have the opportunity to freely share their experiences with the others, as long as they're not overexaggerating or lying of course. Here are a couple of restaurant owners who decided to defend themselves after people gave them bad reviews.

1. "Don't like our food? Let's go to the videotape!"

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2. "Fake review before the restaurant even opens"

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3. "Business owner claps back on Yelp User for leaving a negative comment on his restaurant"

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4. "Lady complaining about not getting food she didn't like that they don't sell anyway."

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5. "Restaurant calls out bs review."

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6. "Restaurant calls out reviewer."

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7. "Restaurant owner wasn't having it."

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8. "Local restaurant exposes a bad reviewer"

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9. "OP thinks the taco joint is her kids playground"

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10. "A freedom camper gets shitty over the fact that a restaurant asks them to leave... After they've been charging their devices for three hours and bought several (read: two) beverages. Oh, and this is on Boxing Day - one of the restaurant's busiest days."

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11. "This owner exposing their ex-employee"

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12. "Restaurant owner burns reviewer"

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13. "Lick a cake, get your 'just desserts'!"

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14. "Woman leaves poor review on local restaurant, restaurant fires back"

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