Community Stepped Up To Help Black Single Mother After Her Neighbors Had Been Racially Harassing Her

by Rachel

There has been a recent growth in media attention to the way that black people are treated in this world. Raising awareness, protesting, and fighting for change for the shocking treatment that people of colour disproportionality experience has dramatically increased in the last few months.

With hashtags such as #blacklivesmatter, people are now able to learn about things that they may not otherwise have been aware of—an inherent benefit of social media. After the heartbreaking sign that this woman stuck in her window went viral, the community has stepped up to ensure that she is protected, and safe in her home.

Jennifer was forced to post the following sign in her window.

(Zoomed in version below)

Here is a close up version of the sign, detailing the harassment she faces.

Here is a close up version of the sign, detailing the harassment she faces.

Jennifer is both a registered nurse and a single mother.

And has video evidence of her neighbours taunting her with guns.

It is disgusting to watch

Here they are sneaking around and planting dead squirrels.

Planting dead animals sends a very clear message and it is horrific.

Jennifer said:

“If I get a dead squirrel, that’s a sign to me. It means you want me dead.”

And has caught them putting dead squirrels on her property.

As well as human faeces.

The police know, but won't do anything.

So the community has got together to watch her house to ensure that she is safe.

People have also begun to donate to her and those guarding her house.

Many people have turned up to show their support.

The community have done more for Jennifer than the police ever have.

While some commenters have suggested that she "just move" ... why should she?

Jennifer's neighbours have harassed her ever since she bought the property three years ago.

She has just as much right to live in safety as everyone else does.

This! Is! Community!

And the end of the day, people will always come together to fight for what is right.


Black lives matter; today, tomorrow and always.

Follow Jennifer's Instagram @standwithjennifer and see how you can get involved.

And, more importantly, check in with the black people in your own community, and see how you can do better.