Brilliant Posts Found On Tumblr To Make You Smile Today

by Hailey

Whether it may be hilarious or wholesome, Tumblr is a good place to find a variety of legendary posts buried here and there. Nothing can replicate the feeling of a relaxing Saturday morning to spend solely on mindlessly scrolling through the never-ending meme supply on the internet.

As a person who's active on Tumblr a lot, I know how many good posts you can find on the site. For your convenience, I've compiled a list of ten great, quality posts to make you smile today. Get ready for some colorful Tumblr madness, because you're about to be hit with some grade A memes.

Okay, this is pretty wholesome.

Oh my god.

Go pet it, what're you waiting for?

All Italic letters are just simultaneously doing the Smooth Criminal choreography.