This Candle Has A Secret – As It Melts, It Reveals A Skeleton Inside

by Damjan

If you ever run out of creepy candles, there is a place where you can find more. Thanks to Creepy Candles company, you will never again have to welcome your Halloween guests without a scary accessory in your home.

The newest addition to their creepy assortment is a coffin-shaped candle, which reveals the skeleton as it melts. (as if the black coffin was not scary enough on its own). The guests will undoubtedly find it interesting.

Will they come again next year? That remains to be seen… Anyway, If you are not a big fan of skeletons, they have a wide range of creepy candles to choose from… 

Creepy Candles has a wide range of scary-looking candles. Some of their best-sellers are candles shaped like human body parts. For instance, this has ghastly looking human hand has its fingertips switched with, and blood appears as the candle melts…

Another photograph shows the hand melt down as blood drips. What makes the candles scary is realism. And while it sends chills down your spine, you cannot but stop to think about the sheer brilliance….And then you continue to be scared.

If a skeleton and a bloody hand are not enough for you, you can also find a candle shaped like a human spine.

People from Creepy Candles outdid themselves with these models, and if you want to add them to your collection, it will set you back $14 to $37 depending on the item.