Every Time Her Owner Draws A Spider On Paper, This Cat Starts Scratching It Like Her Life Depends On It

by Damjan

Cats are undoubtedly fun, and sometimes hard to understand. They are pets, and we keep them in our homes, but their hunting instinct is still there and often affecting their actions. It never went away.

We can’t say if the kitty thought that he spider her owner sketched was some kind of prey, or she was doing it just for fun. Our guess is she is doing it for fun, because she witnessed her owner drawing it on paper. But anyway, she is adorable and earned to be captured on video. 

We know you will enjoy it as much as we did.

MG Wine, who shared the video, says the cute kitty is not gullible and that the act is something of a game for them.

"The owner says she has been drawing spiders for years and the cat never tires of this game," Wine said.

And it is such a cute game.