Clueless Tumblr Users Have Absolutely No Idea How The World Works and It's Just Way Too Pure

by Ayoub

Being clueless is mostly a bad thing but it can be cute sometimes since a lot of people perceive it as innocent. When you see a child-like human being who are still oblivious to a lot of major things in life, you can't help but think it's the cutest thing in the whole world.

Although, being clueless about things that might endanger your life or the others is absolutely not cute or funny, so it's pretty much only limited to a bunch of things, the only way to know is to actually be in the moment.

The people below are so clueless that it's so cute in a really funny way.

3. Bless his heart

5. Are you sure about that?

7. Silly Tommy

7. Silly Tommy

9. Shoutout to the best kind of swimmers in the world

11. It spiraled out of control