Puppy Lives Happily Ever After When A Police Officer Responds To A Routine Call

by Damjan

Who doesn't love a puppy? You have to be awful not to love puppies.

Officer Marcus Montgomery from Florida was responding to a call from a Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) when he saw a little puppy the shelter staff rescued that day. The poor dog was very fortunate because he probably wouldn't survive one more night on the streets.

Officer Montgomery says that the connection with the puppy was instantaneous.

"She brings me this little guy, [and he's] chill, no whining, no barking, just chill," wrote Montgomery of the puppy on Imgur. "So I get to hold him, and he immediately curls up in my arms."

Montgomery and his girlfriend took the puppy in, and it's not their first time – they've previously adopted a pit bull dog named Vader from PAWS. What could be better than a puppy and a pit bull?

Puppy Love at first sight

Puppy Love at first sight
via: Panhandle Animal Welfare Society

Two brothers

Two brothers
via: Kristen Hope Montgomery

The rescued puppy didn't just get a new big brother, but also a Star Wars-inspired new name.

"We're naming the new pup Kylo," said Montgomery's girlfriend on Facebook.