Spanish School Teacher Photoshops Disney Characters Into His Photos & The Results Are Seriously Enchanting

by Ariana

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's REALLY no bigger fanbase or fandom than that of the cult of Disney. What takes it not the next level though, is the Adult Disney fans of said Disney-fandom.

Disney kids love watching movies and wearing costumes, but adult Disney fans, they're seriously different. Adult Disney fans will invite you to their Disney-themed wedding, introduce you to their baby named after a Disney Princess or have you over for dinner and serve it up on Disney flatware.

You know what else they'll do? They'll photoshop Disney characters into their photos! Yep, right into their pics!

Samuel MB is a Spanish teacher with over 150,000 Instagram followers, and he's a magician with his computer. To entertain himself and his students, he photoshops Disney characters into his pics.

Check them out below!

'Sponge Bob Square Pants'

'Lilo & Stitch'