This Guy Claims That Disney World Is Too "Woke", So Twitter Users Dunked On Him Harder Than Ever

by Ayoub

Sharing ignorant opinions on Twitter is basically a death sentence, once it's out there, it's just a matter of time before people find it and once they do, it's obliteration time! Such events can be spotted on the platform almost every single day, and it's always as good as expected.

This time, an adult man claims in an op-ed he wrote that "wokeness" is ruining the experience at Disney World. He complains in the article about the recent and upcoming changes Disney employees are going through, which include the freedom to publicly display their tattoos as well as the freedom to pick any hairstyle of their choosing.

A remodeling of Splash Mountain is scheduled to replace animatronics from the Disney film Song of the South with characters from 2009's The Princess and the Frog. Racist figures will be removed from Jungle Cruise's ride, and Pirates' animatronic section with women being auctioned off as "brides" has already changed.

via: Bryan R. Smith, Getty Images

Here's how Twitter users reacted to the article:

They definitely did not hold back...

1. That's pretty much it

2. There will be a better tomorrow

3. Is that supposed to be a threat?

4. Interesting indeed

5. Dad of the year

6. Cry me a river

7. A grown a$$ man, allegedly.

8. But some people just hate freedom

9. "This is too woke for me"

10. Disney World is not Westworld bro

11. It's your problem dude, get over it

12. Experience ruined

13. Try explaining that to him

14. Round two will be even more brutal