Man Shares Story Of Walking Out Of Job Interview When Interviewer Was Over 35 Minutes Late & Never Apologized

by Ariana

Have you ever been disrespected at a job interview? In this day and age, that can be a pretty loaded question to ask.

Between the mistreatments of minorities, of women and of people of color (I could go on), there are millions of stories out there of people have really, really horrible job interview experiences.

Miguel Olave is a father and a mental health speaker. He was interviewing (or trying to interview) for a sales and marketing job, and things do not go to plan.

He decided to share his experience on his LinkedIn page and call out the person who treated him so disrespectfully. Check it out below.

Here is Miguel's story:

Here is Miguel's story:

Horrible, right?

Miguel went on to share that he later got a call from an entry level person at the company. Not even the HR Department.

Horrible, right?

It kind of goes without saying, this is HORRIBLE treatment. One follower commented:

“How do you expect people to buy from you, if you discourage people from wanting to work for you?”