Our Faith In Humanity Is Restored Through The Touching Quarantine Stories People Have Shared

by Shasta

It's no secret that people have been selfish, buying in bulk, refusing to share and that the elderly have been going from store to store because the generations after them had no consideration of anyone else when this all began.

But what about the stories that restore our faith in humanity? Those are the stories we need to be paying attention to right now.

Somehow, some way, there are always those out there, that end up restoring our faith in humanity.

Although they may be few and far between, we must cling to the goodness that exists within them. And do our best to replicate that ourselves. That is how we keep the goodness of humanity alive.

I'm sure you know that Italy is in an entire lock down, in attempt for the country to regain control over this virus that seems to be spreading faster than a wildfire.

In other parts of the world, people have begun to self isolate themselves. That includes staying home unless absolutely necessary, and socially distancing when they are in public. The common goal here, is to flatten the curve. If we don't all do our parts to flatten the curve, the forces that-be will mandate us to stay home for an unknown amount of time.

While staying away from the public and limiting ourselves to exposure at all costs, is definitely the right decision in order to best protect the elderly and all of those that are highest at risk, it does come at a cost to the economy. That means an untold amount of damage to local businesses worldwide, and even more than that, self-employed individuals.

Citizens have stepped up despite the struggle we are all in at the moment, to take care of those that need extra help as best as they can. And new help groups are popping up all the time, all across the globe. They're being referred to as 'mutual aid', and they're offering practical help for older members of society who most completely shrugged off when this virus began to take hold.

The volunteers are helping with tasks like, picking up groceries and the necessities, picking up and sending off mail, and even easy simple things like, being a friendly voice that they can call when they're lonely.

Meanwhile, educators and a plethora of others have been sharing some extra things that can be done inside the home, at no cost. Things like extra work sheets for kids, coloring pages, workouts, some zoo's have begun posting virtual tours, and museums have followed suit as well.

It's stories just like these that allow us to cling onto hope.

It's stories just like these that allow us to cling onto hope.
via: SWNS

Elsewhere out there, a corner shop in Scotland is giving OAPS free toilet paper away, antibacterial soap, and paracetamol in attempt to keep those most at risk, safe from germs that could put them even more at risk at contracting the virus.

They even implemented a plan for those who couldn't make it to the Day-Today convenience store in Drylaw Edinburgh, they are delivering the items for free. No second thoughts to the fact that the store could've easily sold out of all the products for a profit.

Store owner Zahid Iqbal, who is 34 years young, has given away more than 1,000 kits. His goal is to 'set a good example' as his shop shelves have been left bare due to everyone's panic buying.

A man by the name of Darrell Blakeley, who was from Middleton, Greater Manchester, lost his life to the virus after being severely ill for several weeks, due to his underlying health issues.

But when it came to his funeral, the 88-year-old's family asked those around them to 'forget the flowers and cards', and instead urged those to 'give acts of kindness' in his name instead. In an effort to 'build something beautiful n Darrell's memory.'

It's the people like these, that highlight the root of who we all are. Some seem to get lost along the way, but the more acts of kindness we spread, the more that others will want to jump in and do the same.

No matter how big or how small, one random act of kindness could save the people who would otherwise be without during this very difficult time.

It's important to remember that everything we are feeling at this time is valid, but even more so, that we should refrain from hitting panic-mode.

Stay up to date on facts from the WHO here, and please stay home if at all possible.

If you've heard of the good deeds done by anyone in your community, be sure to comment, and share them with us!