30 Of The Best Photos Of Fantastic Rooms People Shared In A Subreddit

by Damjan

If you are cruising the web looking for inspiration for your own building or renovation project or simply want to see something extraordinary to feast your eyes on, this subreddit is the best place. It is dedicated to interior design and people there share high-quality photos of wonderful rooms.

Wonderful is an understatement. Secluded cabins in the woods, clock tower apartments, and mountain-view hotel rooms are just some of the magnificent monuments to human creativity. We have compiled a list with 30 of the best images, and they are fantastic. Take a look and try to pick your favorite, if you can…

1. "Loft-Style Living Room With Floor-To-Ceiling Windows In Tannersville, New York"


2. "Living Area With A Glass Wall And Cedar-Log Posts And Beams In This Ski Retreat Located In Whistler, British Columbia"


3. "Cabin Studio, Olympia"


4. "Inside The Home Of A Saudi Architect"


5. Large Shower And Bathtub With Mountain Views In Aspen, Co"

5. Large Shower And Bathtub With Mountain Views In Aspen, Co

6. "Open Airy Apartment In Stockholm"


7. "Tall And Spacious Living Room Opening Up To A Patio And Garden Surrounded With Mature Oak Trees, Orinda, Contra Costa County, California"


8. "Bedroom Above Kitchen And Dining Space Forming A Compact Living Space In A Wilderness Retreat Cascading Down A Slope Of A Ravine Above Clearwater River, Juliaetta, Idaho"


9. "Master Bedroom In An Evergreen, Co Home"


10. "Open Home With Corrugated Metal Exterior In Chau Doc, Vietnam"


11. "Hotel In Norway Where The Movie Ex Machina Was Shot"


12. "Open Air Living Space Connected To A Deck Surrounded With The Greenery Of Valle De Bravo, Mexico"


13. "My Hotel Room In Japan"


14. "Living Room With View, Capri, Italy"


15. "Clocktower Penthouse In Brooklyn"


16. "A Loft In An Old Warehouse, With Views Of The Brooklyn Bridge Through The Clock Window. Yours For Only $2.35 Million"


The most upvoted rooms in this subreddit are typically those where both function and form are interconnected: if it’s a part of a building in the countryside, you often get enormous, panoramic windows that blur the line between outside and inside.

If the room is part of a 100-year-old house, it will preserve something from its initial design, indicating its rich history. Subreddit was started nine years ago, and it now has more than 1.1 million members.

17. "Secluded Library In A Tiny Cabin In The Forest, Upstate New York"


18. "My Girlfriend's Favorite Place To Read In The Apartment"


19. "Serene Tea Room In China"


20. "The Suzzallo Graduate Reading Room At The University Of Washington, Seattle"


21. "Traditional Conservatory In Omaha"


Essentially, balance is what's most important. "If you can get function and form to meet, then that's a great design, but I think you need to strike a compromise between the two when they're in conflict. No space is going to be completely perfection function-wise, and you may have to shift away from your dream scheme if it means your space is going to be less usable."

"Of course, there are design styles where form and function sit perfectly together," he added. "The Bauhaus movement, which has seen a style revival over the last few years, prioritized function over form in furniture design, but now these designs are coveted more for their good looks than their functional nature."

22. "Sunken Wood Bath In A Tiny Secluded Courtyard With Some Greenery, Yangpyeong County, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea"


23. "Indoor Swimming Pool"


Still, the function is not what makes people excited. It's form. "This part is more creative and less measured than the functional aspect of the space," Wells told the reporters.

"It's about creating a space that reflects you and offers a sanctuary from the outside world when you need it. While functionality is at the core of a scheme, that doesn't mean that you can't opt for objects that contribute to the aesthetic more than they fit the purpose of the space."

The designer referred to a coffee table in his own living room as an illustration. It's enormous, blockish, and heavy—not very functional. But he loves the design, so he decided to accept the drawbacks.

24. Can a room be cozier?

24. Can a room be cozier?

25. "Renovated Apartment In A 1914 Belle Époque Building In Antwerp, Belgium"


26. Rainy afternoon and a cup of tea…wonderful

26. Rainy afternoon and a cup of tea…wonderful

27. "Conservatory Room Addition In The UK"


28. Trabzon-Turkey

28. Trabzon-Turkey

Luke Arthur Wells is a designer, stylist, and content creator. He believes that function has got to be a foundation room design. "No matter how good a room looks, if you haven't got the basics right including the spatial planning and the flow of the space, you won't enjoy using it and you'll want to change it again quickly," he said.

"The details, such as ensuring there's enough room between furniture and walls and doors for you to traverse the space, or getting the layout of your kitchen appliances right so that you can cook efficiently, don't necessarily have to have a negative bearing on the aesthetic of the room."

29. Wonderful wooden loft with a large window

29. Wonderful wooden loft with a large window

30. "Conservatory Kitchen, Downtown Boston"