Game Of Thrones Fans Discover Jon Snow Wasn't As Useless At The Battle Of Winterfell As First Thought

by Jack

It's been almost a week since The Battle Of Winterfell unfolded on your TV screens and what an episode it was. With the death of the Night King finally secured for the good guys, the march on King's Landing begins in what will surely be one of the greatest character showdowns of all time between our mates up north and Queen Cersei down south.

Some fans have been frustrated this week however at the little to no impact Jon and Dany had on the battle despite being atop dragons for most of it. With the rest of the characters either dying or almost dying pulling the Army of the North through to victory, where was Jon Snow?

Maisie Williams, the actress who plays Arya Stark, even said herself that she didn't think that Arya should be the one to kill the Night King as she thought one of the more fearsome warriors in the show was more deserving of that moment.

However, fans have realized that one of the main fearsome characters, Jon Snow, actually did play some role in the death of the Night King.

Taking to Reddit, user Applesoapp wrote:

"Jon screamed at the undead dragon to distract it so Arya can run past and kill the Night King. The undead dragon was protecting the entrance to the Godswood. Watch it again, you can actually hear him scream 'GOOOOO - GO - GO.' 10 seconds later the scene you can see the hair of a White Walker flying up when Arya sprints past the group of White Walkers. Jon once again was ready to sacrifice himself to kill the Night King."

So there you have it! Jon wasn't as useless as we all thought. Long live the King in the North!

Check out the trailer for episode 4 below!