Really Great Things That Happened Recently That Will Give You Some Much Needed Positivity

by Ariana

Do you need a pick me up? If you answered yes, then this is it. The world is a wild place, we know this. At the best of times, the news can be depressing, but right now ... it is BLEAK.

I'm not someone who can't watch the news, in fact, I like the news. I like to be informed and I like to know what's up... but it can leave me feeling a little flat when it's all 'down' stories.

Well, if you're in the same boat, this may be JUST what you needed. Here are some REALLY, REALLY great things that happened recently.

Check it out!

This cat ate watermelon.

This woman turned her guest-room into a house for her dogs.

This QUEEN hit back at bullies.

People partied on their stoops (at an appropriate distance apart) in Brooklyn.

Speaks for itself...

This adorable baby happened!

Human ingenuity prevailed!

A lingerie company smashed stereotypes.

People celebrated graduating (even if they couldn't wall across a stage).

This adorability!

from Cat GIFs via Gfycat

This tiny little superstar!

via Gfycat


via Gfycat