This Store Was Busted Putting Googly Eyes On Fish To Give Them A Fresh Appeal

by Elana

There's something fishy going on in Kuwait and it's not exactly delicious. Seafood and fish is a very significant diet of the average Kuwait resident, and there's no better place to buy yourself some fresh fish than from a store or market that sells, well, fresh fish. Unless of course, the fish aren't so ...fresh.

Such was the case for one store whose problems have gone viral on Twitter after the Al Bayan newspaper shared an image of a fish, before and after he was aesthetically enhanced with googly eyes. It was an attempt to make the fish seem fresher than they were but the photo has left Twitter users rolling with laughter. At the absurdity, perhaps. At the fact that someone actually had the audacity? Who knows. Either way, these photos and these reactions are totally priceless. 

1. Some good news?

The police did shut them down, after all.

2. Psst...

You've literally never seen it all, unfortunately.

3. A relevant argument to be made.

Extra giggles included.

4. Giphy responses are mandatory.

It makes the Internet a better place to respond to such things with a gif. 

5. Another argument in support of the shop...

I guess some people just like to watch the world burn.

6. Don't eat these eyes.

You might choke and die.

7. Never-ever.

Sometimes you should definitely say, "never."

8. Well, not everyone did!

Otherwise, the police wouldn't have shown up.

And then came the fish puns...


If you ask me, the best response was from another fish market in Kuwait who, in response to the scandal, advertised their fresh fish "without cosmetics."
via: Twitter