17 People Share Their Thoughts On The Most Heartwarming Movie Scenes Ever

by Damjan

Movies can be such tearjerkers. But in this day and age, when superhero movies are ruling the theaters, we keep forgetting that. An interesting thing about memories is that we associate them with feelings.

In other words, the stronger the feeling is when we experience something (sorrow or joy), the better we will remember it. And that's the thing with movies also. So, those moments that provoked some feeling will stick around in our memories for much longer.

And we need more emotions in our lives because our hectic lifestyles make us repress them. Some historians say that Spartans, the most feared warriors in ancient Greece, were encouraged to spend one hour after every battle to cry, yell and shout, just to let those emotions out. So, if the Spartans were allowed to do that, why are you keeping your emotions all locked up?

People share their favorite emotion-packed movie moments, and we mead e a list with the best of them. You will notice that we have some blockbuster sci-fi movies on our list, but no one remembers action scenes from them. It's the emotion that counts.

Take a look. Maybe it will inspire you to watch those movies again. Just get your handkerchiefs ready.

1. Coco

"When Miguel sings to Coco, and she remembers and starts telling stories about her father. I sob every time because it's just so gosh darn precious."



2. E.T

"This is an obvious one, but I just love the flying scene. The score by John Williams is a huge contributing factor."



3. "You're still you"

"When Simon's mom gives the 'You can breathe now' speech to Simon. It feels like she’s talking directly to me and it makes me cry every single time. So many queer teens (including myself) don’t have parents as accepting as that, and that speech just warms my heart so much."



4. Edward Scissorhands"

"When Edward watches Kim dance in the snow, and when they hold each other."


The latest statistics show that men and women like comedies, as 90% of women and 91% of men love funny movies. When it comes to drama, though, women like them a lot more than men – 89% to 80%.

Romantic comedies, however, are the genre where men and women cant agree. 84% of women would love to see a romantic comedy in the theater, while it can be said for only 67% of men.

So, does this mean that 17% of men who watch romantic comedies with their significant others do it just because they have to? Well, we can't really verify, but the numbers speak for themselves.


5. "Shawshank redemption"

"At the end, when Red and Andy reunite. It’s such a hard film to watch with such a heavy sense of injustice throughout. Then, right at the end, you get this beautiful reunion that somehow washes all the stress away. They’re both free."



6. "Beauty and the Beast"

"I'm 34, so it was the first film I ever saw in the cinema. I've seen it countless times since, but that dance absolutely never fails to fill my heart with joy."



7. "When Harry met Sally"

"The New Year's Eve scene when Harry finally tells her all the reasons he loves her, and that he wants 'the rest of his life to start as soon as possible.'"



8. "The Avengers"

"When Tony hugs Peter after he comes back, and Peter’s like, 'Oh, this is nice.' You can see how happy Tony is, and how much he loved Peter and thought of him as his own son!"



9. "Homeward bound"

"When Sassy, Chance, and Shadow all return at the end. Everyone's hugging and they're all so happy, and Chance realizes he has people he can trust and a home for life."



10. "Boys on the Side"

"When Whoopi sings 'You Got It' at the end. It rips me up every single time!"


11. "Cinema Paradiso"

"When grown-up Salvatore watches the special reel his mentor, Alfredo, left for him upon Alfredo’s death. Salvatore has become an important director, and the reel contains all the kisses the town priest cut from various films over the years. The exquisite music of Ennio Morricone swells up while Salvatore watches the forbidden kisses. Through his eyes, we see him remember Alfredo, his lost love Elena, and other memories. An incredibly beautiful and touching scene, it will make your heart burst with emotions."



12. "Little Miss Sunshine"

"When Olive’s whole family joins her on stage. Even though they’re all still going to have the same problems when it’s over, for just a few minutes, they all show their total support for Olive and prove they are a family and do love each other. They just let go and have fun; everyone else be damned."


13. "Up!"

"When Carl looks through the scrapbook that Ellie made, and she told him to go have a new adventure."



14. "The Lord of the Rings"

"One single sentence: 'My friends...you bow to no one.'"


15. "Crazy Rich Asians"

"One movie moment that always makes me feel SO full is when they're on the plane and Rachel accepts Nick's proposal. It's Rachel's mom in the background — she can't stop smiling and sobbing with that random woman on the plane, and the look she gives Rachel is just pure excitement and love. IDK how to explain it, but it always leaves me with the BIGGEST smile!"



16. "Love Actually"

"When Sam says goodbye to Joanna at the airport and she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before she leaves, and Sam turns back to his stepdad with the most triumphant little grin on his face and walks back toward him as the music swells and then he leaps into his arms. Some of that movie is trash, but I rewatch it every Christmas just to get to that scene."


17. "Dead Poets Society"

"I absolutely love the final scene. I watched it again soon after Robin Williams passed, and that was in my mind the whole time — never have I so strongly felt the urge to smile, cry, and stand proud and defiant on a desk to let someone know how much they were loved."



Movies that we see on this list are timeless, and they really stood up to the test of time. If you haven’t watched them yet, you should. Thrillers, horrors, and action movies are great for fun, but when you need soul food- you need that special something that only emotional movies can provide.