Examples Of Hostile Architecture To Prevent Homeless People From Being Able To Shelter

by Rachel

Hostile architecture is one of the cruellest things to develop from late capitalism. Hostile architecture is defined as elements of "design" that are implemented to prevent people from being able to stay in one place for too long.

It is directly targeted at homeless people, with the aim being to stop them from being able to rest or shelter in public places. It is harsh, cruel, and unfair--no one deserves to be homeless, and cities should be supporting these people, rather than adding to their misery.

Examples of hostile architecture include benches with arm rests in the middle (stops people from being able to lay down) and spikes on the ground (to prevent people from being able to shelter). Scroll down from some real-life examples of these, and, try to identify and challenge these in your own neighbourhoods.

Weird "design" elements around your town may actually just be anti-homeless measures...

For example, arms across benches to stop people from lying down

Spikes to stop people sheltering undercover.

It is just cruel (as well as being ugly)

Anti homeless spikes and benches

"Art" or a measure to stop people sheltering from the elements?

"Les pieux de pierre sont impressionnants. Taillés en forme d’obélisque, ils sont installés sur un site privé du...

Posted by Dégustation de Bon Sens Liège on Thursday, 4 October 2018

Cities and councils CHOOSE to make it difficult for homeless people to shelter

This is painful

Benches without the... bench part?

Look out for pretty designs to try and distract you!

Hostile architecture was just the beginning...

Please, if you have happen to be in a position where you are designing or voting on "design" elements for a neighbourhood, think about the homeless neighbours, too. Housing should be a basic human right; but until then, at least let them have access to shelter--and benches that you can lay down on.