How to React When Someone Gives An Inconsiderate Comment And Then Say It Was A Joke

by Damjan

Inconsiderate comments are everywhere around us, and that is a fact. There is no way you can avoid them, and every one of us has been a “victim” at least once in our lifetime.

Their comments revolve around gender, race, physical or mental flaws...

So until an amendment is passed though Senate that allows you to shoot jurks on-site, all we are left with are words.

And sometimes they can be mightier than a sword.

The best way is definitely to embarrass them. Do not start a fight. Calmly ask for an explanation of the joke. History hasn’t registered one yet, and it is doubtful that thoughtless …… person will be able to provide one.

Please explain.

Her dad gave her excellent advice.

Other women contributed to the discussion with their responses to such actions and comments. And they all work..

Racism is always an issue.

Sexism also.

Be direct. It works.

I really want to get the joke, explain it to me.

That will shut them up.

Did something like this happen to you? How did you react? Share your experience in the comment section.