Here's An Example Of Why Artists Need To Stay Firm On Their Pricing And Why People Should Stop Trying To Rip Them Off

by Rachel

One of the biggest struggles of being an artist or a freelancer, is getting people to pay you what you are worth. There is a consistent trend of people trying to get artists to lower their price on commissions. They seem to be under the impression that because they’re hiring a person, rather than a big brand, they should be able to get it for cheaper.

Non-artists have no idea of the amount of time and energy that creating artistic products takes. Not to mention that often artists have accrued their skills over a lifetime. Artists: stand your ground, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your work (and don’t let any loser on the internet convince you otherwise).

One Instagram artist posted the following set on screenshots on Imgur.

They started drawing for their friends and ended up getting enough orders that they decided to start a business.

They get people trying to low-ball them constantly.

The person requested the price.

Then, when told, demanded a cheaper option.

And then started to demand MORE things.

The artist continued to be reasonable and try to give the "customer" what they wanted, without compromising on price.

"No, I will only pay for postage. Start it for me now. For free."

Ummmmmmm... no???

The artist was being polite and even responding out of business hours.

There you have it artists. Don't sell products you've worked hard on to someone who doesn't value it.