Genius Inventions That Not Many People Have Heard About

by Shasta

2020 means we should definitely have more inventions that make our lives easier, right? Right. These 15 inventions are fascinating to say the least, and are ones that definitely need to be more popular in our society.

Okay, maybe not the robots in particular because ummm... Have you ever seen the movie I, Robot? ALL THE HELP. 

The future is an enchanting place to daydream, and we can't help but wonder if that's precisely where some of these inventions originated from.. Captivating they sure are.

Let your eyes stare in awe at these prize innovations as we dive into a whole new decade. 

1. I think I need this installed in my home...3 kids and all. What an incredible invention.

My school's library has noise-level guides that change colour when it gets too loud from r/mildlyinteresting

2. I've seen something about this before! As long as a robot is cleaning, I'm 110% in favor of them.

My local supermarket now has a googley-eyed robot whose sole purpose is to patrol the aisles looking for spills. Its name is Marty. from r/mildlyinteresting

3. I'm not going to lie, but this makes my brain hurt a little bit.

This road/railway layout is pretty cool from r/mildlyinteresting

4. How is this not more popular?

Curved escalator from r/mildlyinteresting

5. Running 3 off of one motor? Epic.

These three ceiling fans run off of one motor from r/mildlyinteresting

7. Wouldn't it be epic if our skin just glowed?

My veins under a hospital vein finder from r/mildlyinteresting

8. Legitimately the most gorgeous car I've ever seen. So much love for Tesla.

This is a chrome Tesla I saw on the highway from r/mildlyinteresting

9. I don't think I've ever seen a building more beautiful.

Building in Chicago looks like it has vertical puddles from r/mildlyinteresting


You can charge this battery with a micro USB from r/mildlyinteresting

13. This should be installed in every classroom!

This projector that comes down from a ceiling tile from r/mildlyinteresting

15. This is amazing and seriously something that needs implemented into every ATM.

My banks atm let's you pick what bills you want from r/mildlyinteresting

Does your local town have a pretty cool 'invention' that you don't think exists anywhere else? Let us know in the comments.