Kidnapped Son Reunites With His Parents After Spending 32 Years Apart

by Ayoub

Nothing could ever compare to a mother's love, parents do everything in their power to improve their child’s well-being. There's nothing worse than losing your child, it's one of the hardest things that could happen to any parents, especially if your child gets snatched from you by kidnappers.  

This Chinese woman fought many battles to make sure that she's able to see her child once again after he was kidnapped at only two years old. Thankfully, we have a happy ending for you today since Li Jingzhi was finally reunited with her son after searching for him for 32 long years.

Here's the video of the moment they were reunited

Back in 1988, Mao was abducted after the two-year-old's father was bringing him back from preschool. The incident happened near the entrance of a hotel in the Shaanxi province, it only took the kidnappers a couple of seconds to kidnap him when his father looked away. Li Jingzhi, his mother, decided to quit her job to dedicate all of her time and effort to finding her kidnapped son. She told her story on various national TV programs and sent out more than 100,000 flyers.

According to CCTV, Mao didn't even realize that his parents were looking for him even after seeing Li talking on television about her missing son. Meanwhile, Li also began to volunteer at a group called “Baby Come Back Home” where they would collect information about missing children and help families reunite with them. She helped find 29 other missing children while volunteering there.

The Xi’an police were tipped off by someone in late April that a man in the Sichuan province had bought a child in the late 80s. They applied facial recognition technology on a baby picture of Mao and managed to simulate an image that predicted how he would look like as an adult. After that, they found that there was a resemblance between their simulated image and a man in the city of Mianyang. 

A DNA test confirmed that Mao was indeed the lost son of Li Jingzhi and the 32-year search was finally over. Li and the father, Mao Zhenjing, were finally told the good news on Mother’s Day. Mao's adoptive parents raised him as Gu Ningning and did not know of his biological parents. Despite owning a home decoration business in Sichuan, Mao will be moving to live with his birth parents in Xi’an. 

Internet users celebrated the good news and the mother's dedication and love

Internet users celebrated the good news and the mother's dedication and love