Men Reveal The Stigmas They Are The Most Sick Of And Most People Had No Idea

by Shasta

It's a tale as old as time. Men should be this, men should be that. Blah Blah Blah.

The facts are in, and they don't look good. But they DO point out the obvious. We dismiss too much as a collective society when it comes to men and their feelings. Here's some side by side stats.

"Suicide Statistics reveal that women are roughly three times more likely to attempt suicide, though men are two to four times more likely to die from suicide."

So let's be explicitly clear here: men have feelings, and they should be validated JUST as much as women's.

Let's change those stats folks.

Let's work hard to be more aware of everyone's feelings.

Men are human too.

1. Y'all for real stop with this. He's a PARENT.

I hate when I hear from someone when I have my kids and my wife is working that I’m “babysitting”. It drives me insane. I don’t babysit. I’m raising my kids, I’m not a volunteer or a hired hand. Ugh.—FlaFlaFooey

2. Solidifying men's feelings is so important. It's 2020. Time to accept ALL humans have emotions.

That we only tell women our feelings to coerce them into bed. Like, “Wow, how new and amazing this relationship is.. I'm so glad I found you” That is uncomfortable vulnerability not some sort of plot. —juanstamos21

3. My husband is a pro at being a multitasking busy body. They exist.

‘Men can’t multitask.’ Every time I hear that I have to stop what I am doing so I can get angry —insanebabyd

4. There's more to life than sex..

“Men think about sex every X amount of seconds.” I’m a grown man with a life, I have more to think about than just sex. —Nicholas-Rage

5. Like when they sleep!

Erections mean we want sex. Even as adults, they can still be random. —libertyprime17

6. Double standard!! I totally get it!

Me having big feet only means that I wear big shoes. And seriously, what makes girls think they can just come up to you and ask about it? —ecodrew

7. They'd be all the dead.

If you expose us to radiation we gain superpowers. In reality this has only happened a few times and most men would just die. —LonelyPauper

8. WTF?! LOL

That if we like children but don’t have children of our own we’re automatically given at the very least a little grilling, if not straight out asked if we’re a pedophile. I like dogs too, for pretty similar reasons. Nobody ever asks me if I’m a dog f*cker. —Jimmiejackson

9. Again with the double standard.

Men can’t be abused by woman —Bujair1

10. Let's do this! TOGETHER!

That we’re all not interested in or incapable of being involved in the planning of our weddings.

I cannot tell you how many comments like “Remember, it’s her day, not yours!” I received during the 2-year lead-up to our wedding. I’m not going to lie to you and say I’d been looking forward to getting married since I was 12 or something but I took an active interest together with my wife in the planning of our wedding. “It’s not my day, it’s hers?” F*ck that. It was our day. We planned it together. Her vision definitely brought it all together and she did a f*cking astounding job, but she didn’t just make decisions on her own, we talked together about and worked together on every single thing involved in the event; and we were both ecstatic with how it turned out. It turned out beautifully. I try not to toot my own horn very often but I never thought the best party I’d ever go to would end up being my own! —LeanMeanWeenMachine

11. They've got this!

It’s getting better now, but back in the day basically every guy on TV was a sports-obsessed, car/motorcycle loving, beer swilling moron who couldn’t function without his wife to look after him and the kids.

My wife went away last week for work and I’ll have you know that only half my kids got eaten by wolves. —UYScutiPuffJr

12. THIS! It disgusts me when people insinuate anything close to this. Especially to my kids!

This whole “be a man” schtick that leads guys to internalize their problems and marinate in their own issues and neglect their mental health drives me nuts.

It took me a long time to find female friends just so id feel comfortable talking about my depression and get advice on how to get the help I need. If i did not, I would without a doubt be dead right now.

I stamp this thinking out wherever I can find it. It was almost the death of me. —Simbaata

13. I totally understand his viewpoint.

I like nude women, I like nude women dancing, but strip clubs have no appeal to me because it’s an illusion that you can have that woman. She’s appearing interested in order to make money, which I have nothing against, but it doesn’t do anything for me. —ScareCrow6971

14. Damn Linda!

I really hate how fruity drinks are associated with women, like damn can I just enjoy my strawberry daiquiri. —fsutech

15. They're a lot of horny.

That we would have sex with anything that has a heartbeat. 100% untrue, Ive had sex with inanimate objects too. —OceanWidePuddleDeep

16. GASP humans have emotions!

That we are not afraid of walking alone through a dark car park at night. After a great deal of asking every one from police, to self defense instructors, to a green beret and a bunch of combat vets, to the most cracked out gun nuts. Not met a single person who had no fear. —Mostlyaverageish

17. No. BOYS like to brag about cheating. Men do not.

That men find it normal to cheat and brag about it. —istealpixels

18. I couldn't resist hahahaha. ALL THE YES.

We are less mature then women, no exceptions —cheesecraft789

19. Men are 110% insecure about their bodies. Some just hide it better than others.

That only women suffer from negative body sterotyping. Really? REALLY? I grew up in the 80s. Have not seen He-Man? Schwartzenegger, Fabio, Jason Momoa…—varthalon

20. Thank goodness my husband actually answers this question haha.

When women ask “what are you thinking about?”, and you reply with “nothing”, we actually are thinking about nothing. Wife never believed me until a family counselor brought it up. Made her realize I wasn’t the only one doing it. Or what we’re actually thinking about is so trivial and kinda stupid, the second we’re interrupted with the question, we immediately forget what it was. That or we just done feel like sharing if we do remember because it is kinda dumb. —KoJoDo77

21. Best believe they are NOT!

“All men are the same.”

God, I wish. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a stupid event with my girlfriend and she disappears and I’m left hanging out with the other boyfriends and husbands and there’s nothing for us to talk about.

I’m not into car sh*t or sports or any other basic male activities.

All men are not the same. —velour_manure

22. Communication is key but both party's can suck at it and both can be great!

Men are worse communicators than women. Really depends on the man, and the woman!—sunlightFTW

23. Not interested can be detected real quick!

That we miss signs that women give them because they are stupid. We see them, but we don’t want to be creepy/jump to conclusions. Edit: Or we are not interested—Trevor-On-Reddit

24. Cut them a little slack!

That we can never NOT be in the mood and if we are we must be sick or cheating.—Jelz

If you have anything to add, let us know in the comments!