How Children Really View Life, Even When Moms Feel Like They've Let Them Down Somehow

by Shasta

The seemingly mundane and mediocre things that us moms do on the daily with our children, may seem less than extraordinary. But the truth is, our little humans thrive on those small humbling moments. You see, that's where the love shines through for them. That's where the magic twinkles most.

A viral video made by Vlogger Esther Anderson of Story of This Life showcases motherhood, first from mom's perspective, then from the child's. It's loaded with reminders of the struggles and the chaos that we endure daily, but somehow we cherish the mayhem and would choose it over anything else in this life.

Esther created the video A Normal Day to honor mom's everywhere for Mother's Day. There's clips of wildly true moments of grocery shopping, no nap days, gross diaper changes, and a plethora of other typical things mom's face on any given day of the week.

The best part about it all though, as the video nears the end, it highlights the things us momma's may see as small or large failures, are in fact not failures at all. There actually full of exhaustion and devotion. Sacrifice and unconditional love. Even on our worst days momma's, we are the whole world in our children's eyes. Remember, perspective is everything.

You're always a superhero in their eyes mommas. Hugs. <3