"Nice Guys" Who In All Reality Are Just Immature Little Boys With A Strong Sense Of Entitlement To Women

by Shasta

Somehow it's almost 2020 and guys still think that women owe them something. Anything they want actually. And if they don't want them, they must be stuck up, disrespectful and rude.

Excuse me while I smack myself in the forehead. How did we end up here?

Why do guys get SO incredibly angry when you deny them, or simply put, don't give them the answer they were originally looking for?

I wish I could say this was uncommon, or strictly associated with dating apps. Unfortunately for women, it isn't.

It happens on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, essentially any social media platform with open access.

If a woman is proud of the body she has, she's a b!tch, if she doesn't show enough skin she's prude.

If a woman kisses on the first date she's too easy, if she doesn't she's just 'leading him on.'

Insert 10,000 roll eyes here🙄.

Take note, NONE of these guys are men. Women. Ladies. Wait for a MAN!

Now here's a dozen super disgusting examples of messages women have recieved through various dating apps.👇

2. This dude is so for real?😳

The perfect tinder bio doesn’t exi- from r/niceguys

3. Well, here's the perfect example of entitlement running strong.🤦‍♀️

This guy has to be getting all the matches. from r/niceguys


a great opening line my friend got on tinder. she was unmatched after her response from r/niceguys

8. How do you describe yourself? "Oh I'm a min pin owner first and foremost." HAHAHAHA Solid. I can see how attractive that is to others.

Found on tinder from r/niceguys

9. You poor poor thing. 🙃

One of my friends matches on Tinder... from r/niceguys

10. Well okay then! Clearly people love going to him for advice...Not.🤐

I'm a gentleman who thinks tinder is ruining society. If you won't hook-up with me go somewhere else. from r/niceguys

11. I'm going with...the literal best choice she's ever made... In her life.🤗

Friend went on one tinder date with this guy and he was way too clingy, so she told him to chill out. A couple weeks no contact went by and then... from r/niceguys

12. Seems to me...you're the b!tch... B!TCH.💁‍♀️

and then i never used bumble again. from r/niceguys

Drop a comment below if you've ever had an experience similar to this. Online or face to face.

Men. Break the stigma.

Ladies. Expect more.

Let's be better together. 🙌