Non-Binary Model Calms Rabid Parent Down And Their Text Exchange Has Left Everyone Impressed

by Elana

At 30-years old, Rain Dove has had a decent chunk of time to sort their mind into the place they want to be and in doing so, they've become one hell of an advocate along the way. The actor, model, and activist extraordinaire has made plenty of waves for the tongue and cheek way they respond to negativity consistently thrown their way. With grace, empathy, and a fierceness unparalleled, Rain is demolishing stereotypes and lifting people up.

Such was the case recently when, as usual, someone messaged Rain with a nasty message. Following Rain on Instagram, you can see that it is basically common for them to get volatile messages in their inbox but what happened when Rain responded the way Rain tends to was something unexpected entirely.

Rain's posts on Facebook and Instagram are a combination of stunning modelling shots, powerful messages of solidarity and empowerment, and examples of the day to day life of being an advocate on the Internet. Sometimes they respond with humor to the crude messages received, but often Rain responds by throwing everything off the intended track with pleasantries. They truly have a way with words.

What I Wear isn’t What I Am. I am I. If You are not allowed to wear what You feel most connected to due to volatile social pressure, lack of access, or fear of physical repercussions- just know that it doesn’t make You any less of You. That dress You have on is nothing but woven fabric. It’s a shape, a false skin extension, a shadow that can detach. You are NOT a weak person for saying “I’m not going to say fuck it I’m loud proud and I don’t care who heard it.” You’re safety comes first!!! Always. Most important to do is to live. Because people like You save lives by showing You chose life despite others wanting to control your life for You in a way that often would encourage You to end it. People like You living are warriors. You are light. You are shields and swords for justice. You are the wave of voices that will shift the shackles off the bodies of those who are burdened with them. Hold on. You are strong. You are needed. You are loved.
Clothing is simply meant to be a tool to help us enhance our ability to engage with the world around us in a way we feel is beneficial. It should not be a shackle. It should be freedom not fury. The history of what is he been shouldn’t construct the present of how ware are or the future of where we can go. This moment in your life when You do not have the option to choose what You want to wear safely- it is TEMPORARY. The evolution is coming. We love You. We want You here. We want You to be free.
What’s one piece of clothing You feel You would never wear and why? I love You.

Recently, a concerned and angry parent messaged Rain to complain.

The parent was stuck in a rut, angry by the reality of the child before them being non gender conforming.

Rain responded with compassion, and the parent continued to bite back with anger and hatred.

And yet, Rain did not relent in the angle of compassion.

A small window of opportunity cracked open.

After allowing the parent to deflect on the whole "millennial" tomfoolery, they got right back to business.

Things crept backwards a little bit, however.

But Rain had already crept in through that crack in the window, and their next message was booming with the power of empathy.

The parent's attention was caught mid-frustration and restrained in a moment of time. "Wait, what? Why?" The crack in the window had become a door slightly ajar.

The powerful words exchanged began to blossom into something incredible.

"Now that you mention it..."

The door slightly ajar, now fully open. A new educational component begins.

A bridge has been built.

What a turn of events...

NOTE: Sammys parent gave me permission to post this convo! Always important to make sure You have permission!
I get permission from every individual I post. The hard thing about these convos is that I have posted the username in the past but then social media will swarm them with revenge comments and often get the persons account shut down due to so many reports. Or they undo the work that has been done with abusive angry DMs. So if anyone needs to validate the source of the individual I spoke with please provide a evidence of being related to press. You will be able to validate the identity to ensure You aren’t creating fake news- and it will be up to them whether the name is published.

When sharing the conversation, Rain made sure to emphasize the importance of a safe binder for individuals who want and need to use them.

There is legitimate danger in desperation.

And there is no one size fits all answer to: Why?

Truthfully, binding can be lifesaving.

Don't worry, the humorous face used in the conversation screenshots is not Sammy's parent.

It’s also important to note that my way of responding in no way is superior to anyone else’s form of activism. I don’t think I’m a saint or a person with a higher morality path. This is just an effective form of communication that I find works and that I contribute back as my own chosen activism. But righteous rage or simply choosing to live is also valid. With love and light!

People following Rain on their various social media platforms did what people do: have varying opinions about the interaction.

But for the most part, people were inspired by Rain's advocacy.

Incredible and Amazing were words tossed around a lot as people read through the conversation.

Rain continues to grow in recognition, their video on how to accept someone who comes out to you has been viewed over a million times.

You can keep up with Rain by following them on Facebook and Instagram. To look into the binder that Rain Dove highly recommends, you can check out gc2b here.

Don't forget to let us know in the comments how you thought this conversation went down!