This Guy Messed With A Ouija Board And Did Not Have A Good Time

by Jack

Ouija boards are a staple in many films and books about the supernatural, but beyond the page and screen many people who have used the spiritual medium have come back from that experience with some truly terrifying stories of what happens when you open up the door to the other side.

For those of you that don't know, an Ouija board is a device that is supposed to open up communication with any spirits that are present, be they good or evil. This is done using a letter board and a planchette (basically a small flat stone) that all participants put a finger on, giving the present spirits the opportunity to spell out their messages to the living.

Twitter user Marcus Hitchcock had a run in with one such board and according to this thread he posted to Twitter many years later, it was a paranormal experience that scarred him for life. Strap yourself in and be prepared for this one, you've been warned...