Racist Karen Calls Police On Black Family Because They Were Using The Hotel Pool

by Ayoub

There's nothing more annoying than an entitled "Karen" that thinks she can singlehandedly bend the world to her will. They refuse to abide by the rules and they're almost always ready to speak with the manager. In the land of the free, “Living While Black,” is still considered controversial, and even attempting to do some of the most basic things could potentially end up being deadly.

A white woman who was dubbed as a "Karen" randomly decided to call the cops on a Black family just because they were using the hotel pool. The woman, who is an employee of the Hampton Inn in Williamston, North Carolina, insisted that the family has to prove that they were actually staying at the hotel. After they refused, she immediately did what Karens do best, calling the cops.

Missy Williams-Wright, the family matriarch, recorded the whole thing and shared it on Facebook.

Williams-Wright categorically refused to provide the woman with any information as shown in the video. On the other hand, the white people who appeared on the video were left unbothered and weren't asked to prove anything to anyone.

What made things even worse was the fact that the police didn't believe her either, they ran her plates and made sure to check if her name is included in the hotel guest list. The employee claimed that it was the manager who managed to know.

The woman later lost her job after the huge backlash she received on social media.

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