Twitter Users Are Sharing Real-Life Stories That Sound Completely Made-Up

by Elana

I think it is safe to say that we have all been exposed to enough compulsive liars who never stop their lying that we have a reasonable scepticism about... well, everything. From news to personal reflections, we have a tendency to doubt everything.

The good news is, critical thinking is super-duper important and it's not actually a bad thing to look at information presented to you with a critical stance to determine fact from fiction! Yay, you! Look at you go, using your big-brain!

Where's the problem, you're wondering? Well, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and our obsessive desire to find that everyone is blatantly lying just might lead us to miss out on some wild rides.

Thankfully, that's where this amazing Twitter thread comes in.

Twitter user Aidan Moher asked Twitter to share, and boy, did Twitter share.

Thankfully, that's where this amazing Twitter thread comes in.

1. Well, a loose hummingbird is cool, too.

2. The really mind-blowing part is that it happened more than once.

3. That doesn't sound too wild, actually.

4. Ba-Dum-Tiss

*sad trombone noises*

This is real-life.


6. Wow, rude ASF

7. Um, ouch.

8. Wait, what? That's why?

9. LMAO, how awkward.

10. Well, that's bone-cihlling.

11. Surprise, tho.

12. This is AMERICA

13. I'm not even mad, this is fantastic.

14. Wholesome? Creepy? A little bit of both?

15. I bet you love telling people about it.

Well, folks, there it is. Do you believe any of this? Do you have any mind-blowing stories of your own to share? You know how to use the comment section! Do it to it.