This Recap Of 2020 So Far Will Remind You Of The Sad Reality We Currently Live In

by Ayoub

2020 has been a terrible year, the shocking events kept pouring in and we didn't even have enough time to process each one of them individually, except for the pandemic of course, which seems like it would never end.

This year started strong with the raging bushfires of Australia that sadly burned 18.6M hectares of land and killed 1 billion animals. We also had to deal with a world war scare after a drone strike killed an Iranian major general.

As if that wasn't enough, racial tensions over police brutality reached a point that was never reached before, and people had no other choice but to go out and let their voices be heard. But the worst part of this all is over 18,928,435 people getting infected with a deadly virus that killed 709,385 people so far and is still spreading like wildfire.

This viral summary of the year 2020 was shared by Imgur user skeeli614. Bored Panda reached out to him after the post got a lot of attention and was upvoted over 5,692 times on Imgur. 

Skeeli614 said that he was very thrilled that a lot of people enjoyed his post:

 “I was actually just browsing through Facebook and came across the post and thought the people of Imgur might find it as humorous as I did.”

However, its original author is still unknown.

He said that “In the 30 years I’ve been alive, I have to say it’s my least favorite year.” He is also hoping that we can expect a little more “humility, civility, and unity from the world.”

This meme template is originally from the Marvel superhero movie Ant-Man, it's called “But I Got the Van” and the conversation is between Luis and Scott Lang aka Ant-Man.

Despite its awfulness, this year has been rich in the memes and comedy department. The amount of memes that were created during this period is absolutely insane.

Comedy writer Ariane Sherine previously said in an interview with Bored Panda that 2020 will definitely stick around:

“2016 was also a bad year and people still talk about it. But it [2020] will slowly fade from memory and be mentioned less and less.”

Many social media users made sure to remind everyone that we're still not even halfway through the year, and somehow more messed up things keep happening and it seems like they would never end. We at least hope that we make it through 2020 alive and maybe it will be forgotten one day.