Redditors Confess They Don't Like These "Things" About Their Hometowns That They're Supposed To

by Elana

No matter where you live in the world, there's probably a regional or local stereotype that you know rings true. Everyone in your neighborhood, city, and maybe even state are all obsessed with a few select things. Maybe it's an unusual holiday, maybe it's a mediocre sports team, or maybe it's a local meal that the rest of the country or world would barf just hearing about. Either way, you know it's "the thing," around and somehow... you've managed to disagree with the majority.

It's not like being the kid in school too cool for the trends. You know it's something you're statistically likely to enjoy but somehow, you sincerely do not partake. One Reddit user wanted to know what that looked like and turned to the r/AskReddit community to seek answers and boy did they get them. Here are the best ones!

Ain't about that club life.

tommyboy-973211 says:

Going to night clubs. I live in Miami.

Fun fact, there are literally hundreds of clubs in Miami, Florida.

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marya123mary says:

Fiesta... It's a week long party like Mardi Gras here in San Antonio. It's become overcrowded in the past 20 years and just not fun anymore. The frustration of parking, port a potties, and people stepping on you has taken the fun out of it.

It totally sounds fun from far away but I can't imagine living in it.


What a myth!

LogicalBike says:

I'm Canadian and I fucking hate being cold, yet every time I'm anywhere else and it's cold, people are shocked that I'm unhappy. "But you must be used to it!" Well, I'm not. I hate it and spend as little time in Canada in winter as possible.

Somethings you never get used to.

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Not All Of Us

insertcaffeine says:

Snow and weed. Colorado. I mean, you can smoke all the weed you want, it's just not my thing.

Hoards of Americans flocked to relocate to Colorado for the snow and the weed, how dare you?


Presently, I'm hearing crickets.

WorkingMixture says:

I must be the only Pakistani guy who hates spicy food and cricket.

They seem like two things that wouldn't go together, anyway.



Bobbybhp3 says:

Mardi Gras. I work in New Orleans. It just means really heavy traffic and alternate routes to me.

He went on to add:

It just gets irritating when you forget the parades start like a month before. Random 30 min grocery trip turned into a 2 hour grocery trip.

Well, this is concerning.

anunwithagun says:

Meth. I live in a small, midwestern farming town.

Check on your small, Midwestern farming friends. They may be on meth.


Dontchya know?

pulsebomb says:

I live in Minnesota and I guess I’m suppose to like hockey and doing things outside in the winter. I’d rather light myself on fire than go outside for longer than two minutes right now, at least I’d die warm.

That's not very Minnesotian of you.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota...

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Whelp, we didn't expect this answer.

TideFanRTR says:

Live in Alabama, so I'm supposed to like having sex with my sister but I just can't get into it.

Responses included:

"Is she fat or something?" - jakomus90

"Have you tried your cousin?" - ChimCharMan08

Is anyone else worried about Alabama?

Someone's social credit just plummeted.

KindnessWins pleaded for help:

Communism. I live in China :(

Oh, are you Mormon?

thatsveryrevolting says:

The Mormon church lol I live in Utah

And here we thought Mormonism was the state religion of Utah.

Please, no more rain. NO MORE.

volvbro says:

"Wow, you live in Washington? You must love the rain!"
No, fuck no I dont. I live on the dry side of the state and love every second of it
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It's a Jersey thing

smilebreath says:

Going "down the shore".
EDIT: For all those who keep asking, yes, this is New Jersey.
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Booner999 says:

Horses, College Basketball, Country Music, straight-up Bourbon, Guns, Pick-up Trucks, Confederate Flags and Civil War Re-enactments, Tobacco Barns in the Fall.... etc
EDIT: Holy crap, there are a ton of people from Kentucky in this thread! XD

Kentucky is a special place.

Too much work for not enough reward.

gt35r says:

Its just now turning into crawfish season and people lose their god damn minds over it. It's around $9.99/lb in some places and I see people ordering 4-5 lbs in single sittings. It's so much work for a piece of meat the size of a eraser head, also I just find it to not taste good at all. I love the corn and potatoes though.

That's not very British of you.

Lukey19 says:

Tea. I'm British.

Naturally, kotoandjuri responded:

You were British. I've just gotten word your citizenship has been revoked.