Woman Shares Her Measley $9 Paycheck After Working More Than 70 Hours As A Server

by Stephanie

Anyone who lives in the United States, or has ever visited, will know the importance of tipping. But what many people don't realize is just how much some people rely on tips to make ends meet.

This is especially true in the food-service industry. And one hard-working mother recently took to TikTok to share just how bad her hourly wages are as a server.

Aaliyah Cortez worked a 70 hour week and received a net pay of a measly $9. Yep, you read that right - making roughly $150 in hourly wages, after taxes, Aaliyah was left with just $9.

This means Aaliyah's hourly wage is a shocking $2.13. And by the time social security, taxes, and medicare were taken out, the waitress was left with barely anything to show for her hard work.

Thankfully, Aaliyah received around $700 in tips, which shows how heavily someone in her position is forced to rely on the tips from their customers.

Some people could relate entirely to Aaliyah's situation.

And others expressed resentment that the tipping responsibility is forced onto the customer rather than the employer.

But, whatever your opinion on the matter may be, a server has no control over how they are paid.

So, next time you're out to dinner, remember Aaliyah, and don't forget to tip!