Guy Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because She Called His Bond With His Brother Wrong, And Now He Is Asking The Online Community If He Was Right

by Damjan

A sibling bond is like no other. Each one is special, unique, and sometimes not understandable to the people outside.

When siblings suffer a tragedy like losing a parent or parents, it can tear them apart, or bring them even closer. There is no middle. The original poster (OP), who is 22 years old, is a legal guardian of his 15-year-old-brother. He became that because they lost their parents.

We can only imagine how hard it is for that young man to take care of a sensitive teen, provide for him, and to do his best not to make him ever feel like a burden.

Some time has passed after the loss, the wounds have healed, as much as they can heel, and life starts to go back to normal, but then the OPs girlfriend finds the two of them snoozing on the couch together and freaks out.

She called their relationship “disgusting,” suggesting something appalling was going on, and forcing the already-traumatized little brother feel again like something is wrong with him.

OP tried to talk to his girlfriend but she completely gaslit him, behaving as if she’d done nothing wrong and didn’t realize why everybody was so upset.


How could it not?


So he broke up with her.

Most people definitely on this thread agree that the girlfriend is wrong, not worth the time, and he is NTA (Not the A**hole) in this case.


And this person had some advice…


I must say i agree– what do you think?

Would you waste time on someone who misinterpreted your familial relationship so badly?

What do you think? Who is right and who is wrong here? Share your opinion in the comments section.