These Six Rules Should Be The Foundation Of Every Relationship

by Rachel

Twitter user @ryanstephens shared his thoughts on having good relationships. Stephens and his wife have changed their outlook towards being "teammates", rather than soulmates. They claim that this approach has changed their relationship for better and following these six simple guidelines has strengthened their marriage.

Stephens initially set these guidelines in relation to marriage; however they can really be applicable for any relationship. Marriage is no longer the be-all and end-all of relationships, which is why you should consider applying these rules to most of your relationships; from friends to family. The importance of being on the same team cannot be underrated, and these people swear by it!

Stephens begins his thread by suggesting that people switch from being soulmates, to teammates.

The first rule; don't be rude about your partner behind their back.

The second; your partner (probably) isn't a mind reader.

Try new things!

Your partner should be your biggest fan!

And support you when you're on top of the world as well as when you're being crushed by it.

The fifth rule says not to keep score!

The sixth rule: respect your partner.

Relationships take time and work

Stephens expressed his delight at having people tag their partners in his thread

Going of the success of the thread; they started writing an ebook!

People agreed!

I also thought the same thing!

Teamwork is the most important part of a relationship

Always, always tell people you love them

"Teamwork makes the dream work"

6 commandments for a successful relationship?

People agreed and shared their loves stories to prove it works.

And then there was this completely honest response.

And tbh, same.