Opposing Team Members Surround Soccer Player Whose Hijab Slipped During Match

by Rachel

While watching sports, most of us are expecting to watch a thrilling game where we see opposing teams clash head to head, with no shortage of anger and frustration being withheld. On rare occasions though, the rivalry is temporarily forgotten in favour of moments of sportsmanship that is often much more memorable than the match itself.

During a WAFF Women's Club Championship match between Arab Orthodox Club and Jordan's Shabab al Ordon Club during October of last year, a Muslim player for Arab Orthodox Club had a small collision with a player from the opposing side, which resulted in her hijab being partially removed.

Just watch how quickly they managed to come to her rescue

Even though the players on their opposing team did not have a hijab on, they recognised the importance of the moment and stepped in to surround the player, giving her the privacy she needed while she replaced her hijab.

While the other women did not follow her customs, they clearly understood the significance of this moment and supported her commitment to her faith.


There has been a lot of positive responses since the video was released

"I love this, I care not for the restriction of women wearing Hijab but one should respect one's religion and this was a fantastic representation, "AWESOME""
"Such a beautiful moment. It's great to see how many people want to help others. Football is a truly wonderful game."
"Respect, thank you..."
"Understanding and compassion.. we need more of it.."
"You don't have to understand or believe something to respect the fact someone else does. What a beautiful display of honoring someone else. The Ladies are to be celebrated."

Sometimes there are more important things than winning.

There has been a lot of positive responses since the video was released