Woman's Boyfriend Deserted Her During a Mugging And Now She's Asking The Internet For Advice

by Damjan

Exes are an endless source of stories. The reasons for breakups are mostly the usual stuff, but here and there you can find real gems.

People show their true colors when they are under pressure, or in rough situations, and that can be a rude awakening for a person that loves them and thinks the world of them.

And when that happens, the ones that are hurt can’t think of revenge evil enough to compensate for their pain and disappointment. Since public decapitation is illegal in most of the countries, a brutal breakup is one of the best things you can do.

An interesting post appeared on Reddit, describing how a 22-year-old woman went through a rough night when she realized that the best boyfriend in the world proved to be a scared, little piece of ……

"Hamdila" wrote:

"Tuesday night boyfriend and I were out, he parked in an alley because it's free. As we got to the car this tiny little homeless looking guy stepped out with a screwdriver and said something like "I'll I need is a hit, me $20 and no one gets hurt."

Boyfriend sprinted away. He didn't Even look behind him, so I was stuck with the mugger and since I had my phone only he rubbed his hands all over me while holding the screwdriver to my throat. He wasn't getting off on it but it was still so traumatizing as he thought I was hiding money in my bra and underwear. I kept hoping that Aiden would be coming back with the cops but nothing. The homeless guy eventually realized I had nothing and just left down the other end of the alley,

I walked around the corner and less than a block away there was two police officers, so I told them and all of the sudden downtown lit up and they were able to find the guy in less than 5 minutes."

We can only commend this woman for calling out her boyfriend out by his first name on Reddit, and for being brave while the mugger was trying to rob her.

“I rode with the police to the station to ID the guy. Maybe an hour later Aiden calls and said "I have the police are you ok?" I exploded on him telling him that I'm at the fucking police station and have been for an hour. He tried to tell me he was so scared he didn't know what to do and ran immediately to the police. I told him he was a liar because the two police I'd found had been there all night and he must have run past them. After some serious arguing he admitted that he'd gone to hide in a park about three blocks away. I was disgusted. And kept hiding when he heard all the sirens because he thought that meant I'd been stabbed or worse! What in the actual fuck?

I told him to come pick me up and he said he couldn't because he doesn't like cops and is afraid they'd laugh at him. Well he was right because two very cool young cops gave me a ride home and they laughed and joked about him the entire way.”

I would like to peak into his mind. When your girlfriend is getting stabbed, the best thing you can do is hide in the park?

And he wouldn’t like to laugh at by the police, but he didn’t mind his girlfriend being stabbed by a screwdriver-wielding-homicidal-junky-maniac over $20? O poor boy, he really deserves our sympathies.

That poor boy is 30 years old, while his girlfriend is just 22. Didn’t those 8 years teach him about responsibilities?

And there is more to come:

"Yesterday he finally called around noon and I told him don't bother were broken up. He then spent the next 8 hours texting me a combination of calling me names, begging me to come back to him, and explaining what he'd done had been the smartest thing for both of us. He said had he not run, his natural rage would have taken over and he would have killed the guy. Suuuuuuurreeee....

My question is how scorched earth do I go in this breakup, let him have some dignity or do i blow up his shit?"

Needless to say, people were judging the boyfriend: 

"left____right" said:

It’s for the best, I think he’ll understand. I mean she might end up killing him with all that natural rage

"CobaltAureate" said:

Leave this man-child in the dust and move on with your life. You saw his true colors, could you marry or raise a kid with this guy? No? Then don’t look back.

He’s also a bit older than OP and you might wishfully suppose he has more maturity as a result. Apparently not.

thank u, next

"PurpleDoves91" said:

He runs away, leaving you with a mugger. He hides in a park, not bothering to get help for you. Refuses to pick you up at the police station because he doesn't like cops.

Three strikes, and you're out, although the first one was more than enough. This guy sucks, and I'm sorry you wasted even a second on him.

What do you think, how should she pay him back?